More often than not, slaves will message me with fears regarding the amounts they tribute to me. Their fear stems from an association between giving up money and pain. For example, someone who bets a large sum of money and loses it feels pain and emptiness afterwards because they experienced a loss which leaves them no longer feeling whole anymore. When slaves express this concern to me, I know where I must begin the training with this slave. I begin to make my slaves associate pleasure with tributing me. It’s this association which will retrain their brain into forgetting the school of thought which they were previously taught and instill a new mindset. This method of training usually involves me instructing the slave to associate masturbation and cumming with tributing. Allowing a slave to masturbate or cum only after he presents me with a tribute represents one of the most basic examples of this type of training. Over time, the slave will start to associate cumming and masturbating with tributing which means every time his urges take over, he’ll need to tribute so that he can reach pleasure. Otherwise, he’ll start to feel empty when he cums without tributing.

Last week, I encountered a slave which I implemented this training technique with via Skype. Most of the time, I do not explicitly tell the slave my intentions or plans during our sessions. By doing so, it allows me to train the slave better and develop trust. The slave I used this method on last week also enjoyed humiliation. His enjoyment of humiliation showed me that he has trained his brain to embrace humiliation as a turn on for himself. Thus, I used this to my advantage and gave him commands on how to humiliate himself after each tribute. He wore a leather mask during the entire session and fried his brain on poppers at my command. The items he had within his reach for the session were: plastic wrap, clothespins, nipple clamps, a ball gag, a smelly boot, black plastic wrap, a small weight, and duct tape. To prevent him from cumming quickly during our session, I instructed him to duct tape his entire dick after his first tribute to me. From that point, I made him place clothespins on his body and smack them off one by one, attach the nipple clamps and tug on them, wrap the plastic wrap around his head (Making sure he poked large holes so he could breathe of course. This was just to prevent him from seeing me.), sniff poppers, sniff the fumes from his smelly boot, then finally after his final tribute to me he was allowed to removed the duct tape. However, he had to wrap the black plastic wrap around his dick with another end wrapped around the weight so that it hung from his dick and balls. The slave then had my permission to cum within 20 seconds. He lost control within only 5 seconds. Now this slave can begin to associate the pleasures he feels with tributing a dominant alpha male.

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Many slaves message me and talk about the various fetishes they have whether they’re addicted to feet, muscles, or just being dominated. However, some times my dominance brings in those slaves who are truly awful human beings, if you can even call them human. I’m not talking about the slaves who do amusing things on webcam or the ones who might have weird fetishes. Those particular slaves are intelligent because they are submitting to me and not someone who doesn’t deserve a tribute. The slaves I’m talking about are the ones who have drug addictions.

Last week, a slave messaged me and this slave has wasted my time in the past. For that reason, I would not allow this slave to order items from my wishlist or send me any kind of cash tributes so that they wouldn’t be canceled and my time wasted again. Thus, I decided to force this slave to send me UnderArmour e-gift cards so that I knew they wouldn’t be canceled. This particular slave has a huge meth addiction. Drug users and the low life people of this Earth disgust me. I gladly drained this slave of several hundred dollars so that he could prove to me that he isn’t going to waste my time again and because this will make him go broke so that he doesn’t have money for meth. If you think about it, you could say that my draining of drug addicted slaves is the best thing that could happen to them because they won’t have money to buy the drugs that ruin their lives. Although, I’m sure this slave might resort to sucking dicks for money so that he can buy drugs again. Oh well, at least I got some UnderArmour gift cards out of it.

The other night while frequenting the various webcam chat rooms in order to promote my own website, a slave messaged me on Skype begging to be drained. So I began a cam session with this slave on Skype while also webcamming in those other chat rooms. Once I seen this pathetic slave on cam, I remembered who he was from our previous chats. This particular slave loves to put nipple clamps on himself and beat his balls and dick with a blue rubber mallet as I drain him via TeamViewer. To add another layer to his degradation, I didn’t allow him in the group chat room where everyone could see me. He had to watch me by himself and wasn’t allowed to get drained in front of the group. I did this because like a sick animal, this slave was to be confined to his own quarters on the internet away from everyone else. Then the fun part began with him.

To weaken all of my slaves, I like to focus on various components that break their will and force them to tribute more. Some slaves are weakest when confronted with blackmail, others are weakest when exposed to feet, and some drop to their knees through verbal abuse. It’s when a dominant alpha like myself masters all of these triggers to an expert level that he can be highly dangerous. After some rounds of tributes which included cash and some UnderArmour socks from my Amazon wishlist,this particular slave gave me his TeamViewer information. I then proceeded to drain him of $100 in one take as he beat his balls with a rubber mallet. I laughed at his cries of pain from the financial hit he took and the hit he took from that mallet. In my enjoyment, I went back again and took another $100 tribute and he smashed his balls. He told me at the end of the session that this was the most he ever tributed a master. This is because when an alpha can master the art of enslaving others, he can ruin a slave.

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With all of the years of my cash mastery, I reflected the other day when I was in the gym. I thought about the reason why slaves and submissives tributes me. They basically do it because its the natural order of things. Inferiors always idolize or worship those who are above them. Evidence of this occurs all throughout history. It follows a pyramid hierarchy, with dominant alpha males like myself on top (me being at the very top) and inferiors, slaves, faggots, and submissives composing the lower sections of the pyramid. Without me at the top, then slaves at the bottom would have no reason to exist, they would lack a purpose. This ideology is nothing new and it will continue to exist for many years to come. Below are the reasons why I’m at the top of that pyramid.

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I’ve been waiting days to write this story and figured it would be best to write it today, on my birthday. Back in April, a submissive messaged me and told me that he considered himself a fan of mine for a long time since he’s been reading my blog. After more chatting and after I assessed what his weaknesses were he brought up the idea of blackmail to me. Since I’ve been doing this a long time, I realize that many submissives / slaves ask for blackmail and will send a dominant man like myself pictures of himself to post on the internet. However, the most eager and willing submissives for blackmail are most likely the ones who have nothing to lose and actually want their pictures around the internet without ever intending to tribute. Therefore, I informed this submissive of these experiences I encountered in the past. Moments later, we proceeded to do a teamviewer session. The sub wanted me to see his bank account before we began. He logged into his bank account and showed me massive numbers. He displayed a bank account balance in the very high 6-digits. At that moment, I knew this would be an interesting ride.

Thus, I took a tribute that day of a mutually agreed upon amount. After I filled my pockets with the sub’s money, he pressed the blackmail issue again to me. Therefore, I decided it was time to create a blackmail folder on my computer featuring screenshots and pictures I request from this submissive that would place him in very compromising positions. Once I created the folder on my desktop, I made the sub expose his body on webcam and took screenshots which included his face in nude pictures and made him smack his dick around while I took screenshots of that as well. Since those pictures seemed like nothing worthy of true blackmailing content, I decided to go a step further. While still logged in via teamviewer, I found the sub’s real name, address, and phone number by viewing his account information that was associated to one of the accounts he was logged into on his computer. I quickly wrote this information down. Our session wrapped up quickly as the submissive had to get ready for work to earn more money for a dominant man like myself. With the information I gathered, I did a Google search of this sub and found a lot of information out about him such as where he worked, his social media profiles, as well as news articles related to his professional life.

After the first session, this sub kept coming back for more and providing me with more screenshots to add to his blackmail folder. I obtained screenshots of him inserting toys and inanimate objects inside himself, pictures of him doing a white powdery drug, and screenshots of holding up written notes boasting of my ownership of him. While the sub was intoxicated on wine and Mephedrone (a drug which coincidentally raises the urge for someone to talk and encourages openness), I inquired to him as to how he got started. I enjoy a good story and felt engaged in the moment to hear about how the inner submissive manifested itself from this man. He recounted a club he used to be part of which was called Abzocke. Knowing a minute amount of German, I asked the sub what that meant. He stated that it stood for rip-off. He recalled times of when he would be, what modern cash masters would call, “cash raped” and times of when he himself would do it to others. The conversation even switched topics to times when this sub was first blackmailed and how, even though he feared the damage which would be done from the exposure of his secrets, he obtained slight enjoyment from being blackmailed of his money from a close friend of his. The sub felt the urge to ask me questions now. He wanted to know, hypothetically, if I was mad at him for performing poorly as my submissive, how would I use the information he gave me against him. I instructed him that I have immense knowledge of web development and I would post exposing information about him to my blog, I would buy ads from adult advertising agencies to link to my blog, I might even post copies of the story of him with the pictures of him at his lowest on all of the cash master sites as well as social discussion boards and he could watch as the information spread. The question, however, is: would I really go these lengths or is it just part of the fun of fantasy? Who knows.  As the tributes flowed, the slave wanted to know if we should set a maximum cash limit for the month. We then developed a great deal with each other. The slave would tribute me a maximum of $1000 / month for 1 year. At the end of that year, the slave could buy his freedom for a fee.

By the end of May, the slave wasn’t sure if he could handle the intensity of this relationship we developed. Over the course of a month and a half, I obtained all of his personal information, pictures of him in compromising positions, and the contact information of someone close to him in his circle of friends / family. Up to that point the slave paid only $1250. Therefore, I told him that we had a deal and he cannot get out of it. Our deal was that he stay under my control for 1 whole year with $1000 / month. He then offered me $5000 to grant him freedom from me and to delete the blackmail folder. I quickly refused since that is not what we initially agreed to doing. My offer to him was to give me $15,000 and I’d consider us even. Thus, we couldn’t reach an agreement that day. Days went by and we continued to negotiate without success. So I came down with my request of $15,000 and told the sub that I’ll accept the remainder of what he owed me and wouldn’t ask for a penny more if he paid it off before the end of summer and I would then delete his blackmail folder. The sub then had a change of mind and wanted to tribute me again month-to-month as we agreed initially. So as more sessions happened, the slave tributed in total $2400. He was paid in full for April and May and contributed to June’s goal at that point. Some time later, the sub contacted me right before I was about to sign off and go to bed on June 18th. He wanted to rehash how much he’s paid up to this point and how much he still owed. It was then on June 18th at 3:46 (and 52 seconds)AM that the sub wanted to pay off everything he owed for his freedom. We opened teamviewer and the sub filled out his part to initiate a $9,600 wire transfer then I filled out my part and the rest was history. The $9,600 transfer appeaedr in my account later that day, minus the wire transfer fees from both of us.



In my several years of being a dominant alpha male, that was the largest one-time tribute I have ever received and have updated my Hall of Fame page from slaves to mark this sub’s accomplishment. This goes to show that I will continually be unmatched. The sub will receive his freedom later this week when he watches via webcam as I delete his folder. However, he still plans to do tribute sessions with me once in a while just not as intense as things have gotten since April. Yet, who knows, maybe we’ll start all over again.

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Lots of times my slaves, fans, or admirers will contact me and appear totally lost in regards to how to direct the conversation with me. Therefore, most of the time I will have to guide the conversation along with my own questions. 90% of the time, the people who message me engulf themselves in such nervousness that they clam up when they chat with me and sometimes this shyness forces them to not serve because they’re too scared. Therefore, I decided to put together a brief guide on how you should approach me so that everything runs smoothly. The idea for this list came about when an inferior messaged me and had to be taught on how to communicate with a superior like myself.

  1. Have a purpose for messaging me
    When you message me, chances are extremely high that I will ask you about what you seek. Many people initiate a conversation with me via Yahoo or Skype and when I confront them with this question, they reply back with an “I don’t know”. Something must’ve given you the courage and the urge to contact me so tell me. I don’t mind the compliments meaning if you contacted me just to tell me how perfect I am then that is perfectly fine, but do realize that the conversation will be a short one if that is the only reason you messaged me. Ultimately I am seeking a tribute from you. In exchange you should be willing to tell me what you can offer me and then offer it. I will then reward you not based entirely on the amount but based on how you approach me. Rewards can include pictures, my attention, or the chance to let you see me on cam.
  2. Don’t call me “buddy”, “man”, “pal”, or “guy”
    If this is your first time messaging me, don’t refer to me as any of those names. You will be told about it 1 time and that will be the only time. Since it is your first time contacting me, we’re not on a level where I will accept you saying, “Hey man” to me. If I refer to you as slave and you don’t like that name, I will allow you to speak up and tell me that you don’t consider yourself a slave. Most people who contact me refer to me as Sir, Master, Boss, King, God, or just simply CashGod. When contacting me, you can use any of those previously mentioned names or use the name on my profile from whichever site you found my contact information.
  3. Don’t ask Me what I can do for you
    I’m not here to perform for you. I enjoy showing off, being dominant, and taking charge. Those who contact me for the first time will ask me, “What can you (meaning me, Cashgod) do for me (meaning the person contacting me)”. This is not how you phrase a question to someone like me. I don’t perform for you but I will show off my perfection if I feel it was earned and needed. Even though I am a model on some webcam sites, it doesn’t mean I sit here to perform for you. Some members in those chat rooms have even told me they feel I am rude and have an attitude; this is just my dominant personality. If we’re on a comfortable enough level and I feel you earned a reward, I might ask what makes you the weakest whether it is my feet, ass, muscles, etc. and will show that particular part.
  4. Don’t ask me a million questions before you tribute me
    I’m okay with people asking me basic and general questions so that they know me better. I’m even okay if you agree to tribute me and ask if I will do some specific on cam as your reward. It will ultimately be up to me as to whether or not I agree to do it and I will tell you upfront before you tribute. However when you agree to tribute and I agree to go on webcam as your reward, don’t keep asking me a million questions about how the session will work. Questions I’ve been asked which annoy me are: “Does your webcam broadcast in HD?”, “Is your room well lit?”, “Does your microphone work?”, “Are you sure you can flex on webcam?”, “Can we test out your webcam first?”. Don’t ask me basic questions like those questions. If there would be technical difficulties when my cam starts, they will be fixed immediately and it will not take away from the time I will allow you to worship me.
  5. Get to the point
    If you want verbal abuse, if you want me to pretend to be the devil, if you want me to ignore you on cam, if you want a close up of my big toe, just come out and say it. I won’t be freaked out by requests. I’ve heard them all and could probably write a book about all of the things people have wanted to see me do or hear me say on webcam. Will I honor all requests? NO. Will I block you if the request is “strange”? NO. If it is something vile, I will not do it. However, don’t be too afraid to speak up and get to the point as to what is your weakness or fetish and I’m sure we can make some sort of arrangement.

Those are the only points which I can think of lately that have been brought up by various people who have contacted me. Now the following is my latest picture for all of you to admire.


Perfect by Design

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Tons of slaves ask me, what do you do while you’re online? Surely anyone couldn’t think that I chat with slaves every minute that I’m online. Typically, when chatting with slaves, I keep high paying slaves in my stable at all times. So in other words, when I drain slaves it’s usually for large cash rapes at lower repetitions rather than the “I’ll drain you for lunch money tribute” guys who will focus all of their energy on small lunch money sized tributes at a more rapid rate. Therefore, I typically have more free time to focus on more pressing matters such as managing, promoting, designing, recruiting, and administrative work related to the websites I operate.

When I’m able to allot more free time after completing those tasks and draining slaves, I can devote that allotment of time to posting to this blog and adding photo effects to my pictures to make them standout more from the pack. Below are some examples of the newest pictures I had time to update and enhance. You can see which picture I started some initial creative skills with and where I began to expand upon that throughout each picture. Just another indication of my superior abilities. Therefore, enjoy the free pictures below, slaves. Don’t forget to keep buying from my Amazon wishlist as well.