Spanking New Gifts

Posted: February 15, 2014 in Uncategorized

I’ve been absent from the whole blogging realm for a while but finally have been able to manage my time to get back into doing this sort of thing again. Mainly my time has been consumed with assisting some friends in designing and doing some coding work on I definitely recommend that my slaves check it out and buy some of my pictures and videos on there. However, just because I’ve not had time to commit to writing witty and stimulating banter on here doesn’t mean that I haven’t had time to dominate my slaves.

Just yesterday, on Valentine’s day no less, an Amazon wishlist tribute arrived to my door in the form of a jockstrap from a slave who begged me to place one on my Amazon wishlist. I never put a jockstrap on my wishlist prior to this because essentially I’d have no where to wear it other than on webcam for my slaves and fans. So I decided it would be a fun way to show off more and decided to add 2 different styles to my Amazon list. Slaves have been begging me for months to add one and finally a lucky slave made the leap to purchase one from my list. Below are some pictures showing how it looks on me. The same night I posted some teaser pictures of myself in it and the slaves came out in full force begging for cam shows to see me in the jockstrap. So I spent Valentine’s day making slaves weaker than they already were for me. Additionally I included some other pictures from tributes I’ve received since my last blog post several months ago.

Brand New Sneakers

Posted: August 23, 2013 in Uncategorized

Check out the sneakers bought by my newest slave, phone fag. After he bought these sneakers for me, he tributed me again to see them on webcam. That tribute which he made to see them entered him into my slave hall of fame. He plans to continue serving me so that he can make it to the highest rank possible. The important thing is how awesome I look in these new red sneakers.

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This afternoon, I assigned a slave of mine to tally up all of the purchased items from my Amazon wishlist. Upon verifying the slave’s number, I can confirm that I now officially have 566 purchased wishlist items. Later this week I will assign a slave to give an actual break down of what items comprise that grand total of 566. My latest slave, whom I’m still deciding on a name to give to him, has purchased the most recent items which elevated me to the level of 566 items. The new goal in sight is to hit 1000 purchased items and I’m sure with all of my loyal slaves and fans that I can achieve this accomplishment. Below are some of the most recent items purchased from my wishlist. Expect more pictures in the near future.

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I’ve collected several tributes leading up to my birthday and even more on my birthday. I decided to slowly upload images of some of the gifts I received. Below is a sample showing the various tank tops I received from one slave. If you want to see unedited images of myself flexing in those tank tops then you can purchase them from my portfolio on Expect more pictures to follow.


A new slave of mine, one who is purely motivated in pleasing me financially, did a small early birthday tribute to me via my Amazon wishlist. He purchased for me some new green Nike sneakers that were listed at the highest priority on my wishlist. In addition, he tributed me several Hurley tank tops which should be arriving any day now. I expect many more tributes from him soon. Pictured below are the sneakers which he tributed to me. With my quick thinking, I decided to use his tribute to my financial advantage. In my portfolio on, I’m now selling 6 exclusive pictures of myself wearing those newly purchased sneakers. So click the picture below to check out all 6 pictures as well as my other items available for purchase.



The slave who purchased those items for me as well as a few other slaves have told me that they would be more interested in buying me higher end items rather than the moderately priced items on my Amazon wishlist. So, since there is a demand for it, I have a second wishlist for my slaves with more disposable income. My higher end Nordstrom’s wishlist can be found here. It works just the same as an Amazon wishlist, only that I can add 150 items at a time. So start clearing it to allow me to add more.

***UPDATE: Fakes page has been updated with the newest time waster***

Next month on June 23rd, I’ll be turning 25. I expect tons of tributes from my slaves and followers that month to honor my birthday. However, this time I feel like giving back while also draining all of you. On June 1st, I will do a group cash rape online. Any and all slaves are welcome to attend. It’ll be from 12:30 AM – 2:30 AM eastern time and tributes are expected. Since the quality on TinyChat isn’t always the best, I’ll be doing this group cash draining from the Lounge (that’s a video chat room like the one on Dominants). Any slaves wanting to see me on webcam in there on that date will have to be signed up to that site to enter.

Slaves can tribute before or during the live video chat. I will accept all the regular forms of tribute and I will even accept slaves who buy my content from my store that night as a form of tribute. Don’t plead with me and bring up about some night many months ago where you tributed me and think I’m going to accept that for this group cash draining. That’s not acceptable to me. So start saving up now and get prepared to be drained in front of other slaves as I flex on cam. If this goes well, I may do another group session like this one.



Just like I do seasonally or when I need to replenish on gifts, I updated my Amazon wish list for the Summer. I added tons of new tank tops, shorts, shoes, and workout clothes. There are over 100 items to choose from to tribute to me. However, if the immense amount of gift options is too confusing for some of you slaves, you can also send me an Amazon gift card to my email at or contact me with another tribute method.

Additionally, I have a new video for sale in my store. This is for all the slaves who have pleaded with me to post a video showing my ass. So, I created and uploaded this video clip which is previewed below. The duration of the video is 4 min 20 seconds. Start serving ME!