As I keep up with the trends and think of new ways to control my slaves, I’m proud to announce that I now accept Skrill as a form of tribute. Therefore, slaves who only use Skrill can now tribute me with less hassle. I enjoy all of these forms of electronic payment processing which my slaves use to tribute me.

Some slaves have expressed to me that the idea of online cash slavery is very impersonal because it doesn’t allow for actual interaction between master and slave. In my opinion, I agree and disagree with this statement. If a slave tributes those other so-called “masters” then it could appear as impersonal. However, I take the time to learn the inner thoughts of each of my slaves before I get into intense cash rapes with them. I learn their fears, weaknesses, desires, and pleasures. Afterward, I utilize that information to my advantage to further weaken and drain my slaves. It is almost as if once the slaves shares those covert secrets of their lives to me, they slowly begin a process of dehumanization. The reason I’ve come to this conclusion is because I’ve realize that once the slave shares his deepest desires with me, it is at that moment that he is most human and real. Beyond that point, there is nothing left for him to share with me and he is treated accordingly. The slave is then treated like a wallet and the dehumanization process begins. Like a wallet, the most dehumanized of slaves is a just a piece of skin which holds credit cards. If someone found a wallet which had nothing of value in it, then that person wouldn’t want that wallet. It would just be a piece of dried out skin or hide. It is only the wallets that have the most valuables attached to them that are the most sought after in the world. This now leaves me to ask all of those slaves reading this, what value do you possess for me?

After a year long hiatus, I’m bringing back the cash slave leader board this month. For those newer slaves who are unfamiliar with this creation of mine, its a way for me to track which slaves are my most loyal and who tributes the most. I will post on the cash slave leader board page, the top contributor for each day. The slave who tributes the most by the end of the month will receive a free 20 minute cam session from me or a prize of his choosing which I will ultimately have to approve first. Slaves who think they cannot win this competition can still tribute and might be lucky enough to get their slave name on the leader board page. Any and all tributes count for this competition. So no matter what website, medium, or method for which you tribute me, it will still be counted based on how much you have sacrificed in dollars for the tribute. Get those tributes rolling in to me, slaves.


Get Ready to Pay!

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That’s the phrase of my new favorite site for accepting tributes from slaves. A lawyer fag slave of mine recommended the site Venmo to me a few weeks ago. I never heard of it but after some initial research it seemed like an amusing version of PayPal. With Venmo, I can charge slaves for whatever I want. I just have to type in his email or phone number, type in how much, and why I’m demanding the money. The site lets you type anything you like for the reason such as for being superior, for being better than you, for money owed, etc.

Venmo will come in handy when I’m not online. I can tax my slaves while I’m on the go at restaurant, at the gym, or while I’m shopping for workout gear and don’t want to have to use my own money. Going forward, I’m going to use Venmo primarily just for non-webcam tributes (i.e. the tributes where slaves shouldn’t expect anything in return). A handful of slaves have already begun tributing me this way just for being awesome.

Fill in your Venmo email below and I will add you:

The holiday season is fast approaching, slaves. This means that all of you should be checking my wishlist and checking it twice as it will be updated frequently. Next month, I’ll be bringing back the long awaited cash slave leader board so that all of my slaves can have the chance to be recognized for their tributing efforts and only one will win the prize of a free cam session. However, don’t let that discourage you from tributing this month. Slaves don’t always need a reason to tribute. A true slave will serve without expecting anything in return from his master. A well experienced slave will just tribute so that he can please his master because he knows that is what he was born to do. Dominant alpha males always make use of the weaker submissive types of the world as it’s the natural order of things.

Also don’t forget to check out my Twitter page for photos and updates of me which may not always appear here on my blog.

More often than not, slaves will message me with fears regarding the amounts they tribute to me. Their fear stems from an association between giving up money and pain. For example, someone who bets a large sum of money and loses it feels pain and emptiness afterwards because they experienced a loss which leaves them no longer feeling whole anymore. When slaves express this concern to me, I know where I must begin the training with this slave. I begin to make my slaves associate pleasure with tributing me. It’s this association which will retrain their brain into forgetting the school of thought which they were previously taught and instill a new mindset. This method of training usually involves me instructing the slave to associate masturbation and cumming with tributing. Allowing a slave to masturbate or cum only after he presents me with a tribute represents one of the most basic examples of this type of training. Over time, the slave will start to associate cumming and masturbating with tributing which means every time his urges take over, he’ll need to tribute so that he can reach pleasure. Otherwise, he’ll start to feel empty when he cums without tributing.

Last week, I encountered a slave which I implemented this training technique with via Skype. Most of the time, I do not explicitly tell the slave my intentions or plans during our sessions. By doing so, it allows me to train the slave better and develop trust. The slave I used this method on last week also enjoyed humiliation. His enjoyment of humiliation showed me that he has trained his brain to embrace humiliation as a turn on for himself. Thus, I used this to my advantage and gave him commands on how to humiliate himself after each tribute. He wore a leather mask during the entire session and fried his brain on poppers at my command. The items he had within his reach for the session were: plastic wrap, clothespins, nipple clamps, a ball gag, a smelly boot, black plastic wrap, a small weight, and duct tape. To prevent him from cumming quickly during our session, I instructed him to duct tape his entire dick after his first tribute to me. From that point, I made him place clothespins on his body and smack them off one by one, attach the nipple clamps and tug on them, wrap the plastic wrap around his head (Making sure he poked large holes so he could breathe of course. This was just to prevent him from seeing me.), sniff poppers, sniff the fumes from his smelly boot, then finally after his final tribute to me he was allowed to removed the duct tape. However, he had to wrap the black plastic wrap around his dick with another end wrapped around the weight so that it hung from his dick and balls. The slave then had my permission to cum within 20 seconds. He lost control within only 5 seconds. Now this slave can begin to associate the pleasures he feels with tributing a dominant alpha male.

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Many slaves message me and talk about the various fetishes they have whether they’re addicted to feet, muscles, or just being dominated. However, some times my dominance brings in those slaves who are truly awful human beings, if you can even call them human. I’m not talking about the slaves who do amusing things on webcam or the ones who might have weird fetishes. Those particular slaves are intelligent because they are submitting to me and not someone who doesn’t deserve a tribute. The slaves I’m talking about are the ones who have drug addictions.

Last week, a slave messaged me and this slave has wasted my time in the past. For that reason, I would not allow this slave to order items from my wishlist or send me any kind of cash tributes so that they wouldn’t be canceled and my time wasted again. Thus, I decided to force this slave to send me UnderArmour e-gift cards so that I knew they wouldn’t be canceled. This particular slave has a huge meth addiction. Drug users and the low life people of this Earth disgust me. I gladly drained this slave of several hundred dollars so that he could prove to me that he isn’t going to waste my time again and because this will make him go broke so that he doesn’t have money for meth. If you think about it, you could say that my draining of drug addicted slaves is the best thing that could happen to them because they won’t have money to buy the drugs that ruin their lives. Although, I’m sure this slave might resort to sucking dicks for money so that he can buy drugs again. Oh well, at least I got some UnderArmour gift cards out of it.

The other night while frequenting the various webcam chat rooms in order to promote my own website, a slave messaged me on Skype begging to be drained. So I began a cam session with this slave on Skype while also webcamming in those other chat rooms. Once I seen this pathetic slave on cam, I remembered who he was from our previous chats. This particular slave loves to put nipple clamps on himself and beat his balls and dick with a blue rubber mallet as I drain him via TeamViewer. To add another layer to his degradation, I didn’t allow him in the group chat room where everyone could see me. He had to watch me by himself and wasn’t allowed to get drained in front of the group. I did this because like a sick animal, this slave was to be confined to his own quarters on the internet away from everyone else. Then the fun part began with him.

To weaken all of my slaves, I like to focus on various components that break their will and force them to tribute more. Some slaves are weakest when confronted with blackmail, others are weakest when exposed to feet, and some drop to their knees through verbal abuse. It’s when a dominant alpha like myself masters all of these triggers to an expert level that he can be highly dangerous. After some rounds of tributes which included cash and some UnderArmour socks from my Amazon wishlist,this particular slave gave me his TeamViewer information. I then proceeded to drain him of $100 in one take as he beat his balls with a rubber mallet. I laughed at his cries of pain from the financial hit he took and the hit he took from that mallet. In my enjoyment, I went back again and took another $100 tribute and he smashed his balls. He told me at the end of the session that this was the most he ever tributed a master. This is because when an alpha can master the art of enslaving others, he can ruin a slave.

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