Over my several years as a dominant cash master, I’ve consistently worked with slaves on all types of financial budgets to implement my financial control over them. When engaging with a new slave, I take the time to ask the important questions pertaining to his life (obviously the questions which relate to what I want). I learn my slaves’ income levels, their past experiences, the level of control they seek, and their specific weaknesses / fantasies. With that information, I evaluate my plan on how to control and use this slave, since all slaves differ in their abilities and personalities. Once I build a rhythm with my cash slaves and explore various areas within their comfort levels, I begin to sometimes push the limits, depending on the slave. By exploring deep inside the slave’s mind, I possess the ability to make my slaves break their limits, their boundaries, and any prior financial cash rape records they accomplished.

While on Skype with a slave known as shit fag, he expressed to me the most he’s ever tributed to a master in a single cash rape was $100 in a single day. I knew during our chat, I could easily make this slave break that record. As we chatted more and I learned about this slave’s weaknesses, I verbally abused him to the point he broke the record by tributing a total of $110 in Amazon gift cards. Days later, the slave craved so much more that he begged me to allow him to break the new record, which I allowed and I made him tribute $140 in Amazon gift cards this time. Then days following the new record breaking session, shit fag had to break his record again. He tributed $160 in the most recent session. With all three sessions combined, he tributed $410 in Amazon gift cards which doesn’t even count the sessions we did together in between those record break sessions. Since he tributed so well, he begged me to allow him to recover financially for a few days. I granted this request based on his outstanding service to me. It wouldn’t bestow benefit for a master like myself to drain a slave until he’s bone dry and in debt permanently, if I want that slave for the long haul. However, don’t get confused thinking I don’t bankrupt slaves because I do, I just don’t do it with every slave I encounter. Only certain slaves who show to me that they embody pathetic individuals and are dead on the inside can handle that level of unmerciful abuse through a complete draining. Moreover, in the grand scheme of all of my tributes, $410 isn’t the most I’ve ever received but the fact that this slave was hooked on me to the point that he had to break his own limits is what I consider to demonstrate successful control. The way I handle slaves of various income levels just goes to show the experience and mental aptitude I possess over this scene and my slaves’ minds. Below is evidence of that type of control via a snapshot of some Amazon gift cards I’ve received. Cash is preferred but gift cards come in handy when a slave cannot send cash for various reasons.


Similarly, I recently encountered a banker slave who loves to buy big ticket items from Amazon. Initially, I was skeptical, as I am with all slaves, since they have to prove their worth to me first before I will take their claims seriously based on experience and my inquisitive nature. After some initial chatting and learning more about the slave, I brought him to the point he begged to buy the Photoshop CS6 software from my Amazon wishlist. In case you are unaware, Photoshop CS6 runs for roughly $1600. When he begged me to purchase it, I didn’t feel that his begging was adequate enough. So I made him plead with me to the point that he couldn’t handle it anymore and that is when I granted him permission to purchase it. The slave felt a rush of emotions running through his body when he made that purchase. It was an out of body experience for him to know that he is serving a god for the first time in his life. I’m sure he will return soon to purchase another big ticket item.


These are just two small examples of the control and power that I yield over my slaves. Constantly craving and begging for more, my slaves always crawl back to me asking to be of service. Because I have so many slaves as a collective unit, I’m able to drain my slaves just within their means so that they can survive. Eventually, I always get what I want from my slaves whether its from this slave or the next one.

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After so many slaves asked me to update my blog, I originally planned to do a blog post about the intricate details and logic behind blackmail slaves. However, I had to post this story to expose a fake slave who thinks he can outsmart me. He goes by the name Ryan Williamson and his online identities range from nikebeef, rdwilliamson_3, and scandibear.

If you don’t already know, I’m on several live webcam sites. These sites provide an avenue to find newer slaves and further market myself and my online endeavors. Flirt4Free is one of those cam sites which I log into on the weekends. While signed into Flirt4Free, a user entered my chat room by the name of nikebeef. He started off by engaging me in conversation in free chat mode by asking me about all of my sneakers and then took me into a private chat. While in private chat, I knew this cash slave maintained the ability to tribute a ton of money because the timer on how much time remained was over 600 minutes. So if my per-minute rate is $7.50 and he has over 600 minutes based on my rate, then he has $4000 just in his Flirt4Free account. He immediately got straight to the point in the private chat and told me that he found my Skype username and wanted to chat with me on Skype instead of Flirt4Free. So in minutes of him stating that, he tipped me over $700 then left the chat to message me on Skype. To help put a face to a name, below is what he looks like:

Ryan Willamson

Within seconds, I received a message on Skype from live:rdwilliamson_3 who informed me that he is nikebeef from Flirt4Free. He begged to see me try on all of my sneakers and verbally humiliate him while wearing a jockstrap and sneakers. Like any wise cash master, I inquired as to how he planned to pay for all of this with me. He suggested PayPal but claimed that his credit card wasn’t linked and that he had to send the tributes as an e-check. Since he tributed me so much on Flirt4Free, I had no reason to doubt his claims and I agreed to this arrangement. Based on the nature of e-checks, he promised the money would clear in a few which I knew to be accurate from my years of doing this online. While on Skype, I did a nearly 2 hour cam show while trying on various sneakers and this fag slave tributed $700. Since I have so many sneakers, I didn’t get to show him all of my sneakers in the allotted time, but he appeared satisfied with the vast amount of shoes, underwear, workout clothes, and various cam angles which he got to see. He begged me to allow him to come back for more very soon to which I gave him permission to contact me again.

Not even 24 hours later, this fag slave returned begging again. He wanted to tribute me another $150 for a short cam show to see the other sneakers. I obliged and let the cash slave worship my alpha male feet and legs on webcam. While on cam, I asked him what he does for a living and how can he afford to tribute so much to me. He told me he works at Saks Fifth Avenue and his uncle was a multi-millionaire and used to fly planes. Unfortunately, his uncle crashed his plane with some family members and died. He left the inheritance to this faggot and his family. So like any cash faggot would do, this slave tributes the money to alpha males.

Since those cam sessions with Ryan Williamson / nikebeef / scandibear, I started to see the e-checks weren’t clearing into my account. PayPal claims they take 3-5 days and it was well beyond that time range. At this point, I began to contemplate the possibility that this slave ripped me off. So I messaged Ryan Williamson on Skype asking him what is going on with his tributes to me. Not surprisingly, he didn’t reply to my messages. Then I decided to get even more personal and chose to contact him at work. I found his work phone number from his Skype account which he idiotically linked to his Skype account. After calling his work phone and not getting an answer, I left him a voicemail telling him to get on Skype. Yet, he still continued to avoid me. Later that day, the e-checks were canceled. At that moment, I realized I was scammed.

In my efforts in trying to find ways to contact Ryan Williamson, I did some digging and found the trail he left all over the internet throughout social media. Below are the pictures of Ryan Williamson’s various social media accounts which range from Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Yelp, Instagram, Soundcloud, and some site called GayCities.

Rationalizing all of this and discussing it with my other slaves, I’ve come to the conclusion that Ryan Williamson intentionally pulled this scam but I still haven’t decided upon the real reason. Based on my years of experience as a cash master, I think he did it because he carries a sense of entitlement and feels he is above everyone he encounters. Some slaves have suggested to me that maybe he tribute so much and couldn’t afford it then had second thoughts. I disagree with this logic because if he was broke and couldn’t afford it, then he wouldn’t tribute me two days in a row and wouldn’t maintain a Flirt4Free balance of over $4000. Some have suggested that maybe he did this in hopes that I’d write about him on my blog. I disagree with that point of view also because nowhere in our chats did he hint that he wanted exposed or secretly feared mentions on my blog. Slaves that do want mentioned on my blog or exposed usually provide hints and give the cash master their info. Everything I found above was from my own research work and represent things which Ryan Williamson posted publicly.

Since the incident, slaves pondered whether I’m mad or not at Ryan Williamson. I wouldn’t classify my current emotion as that of anger. At this moment, I’m in the phase of wanting to deliver justice. In my several years as an online cash master, I’ve never scammed anyone or made promises which I never followed through with in the end. I consider myself an honorable and ethical dominant male who treats his slaves fairly and just. I don’t actively expose slaves or badmouth others unless a well-deserved reason presents itself. Ultimately, I don’t enjoy writing these types of posts, but sometimes these posts deserve to be written. Therefore, my current slaves shouldn’t fear obtaining a mention on here which casts them in an unfavorable light since they consistently display honesty and open communication with me.



As I keep up with the trends and think of new ways to control my slaves, I’m proud to announce that I now accept Skrill as a form of tribute. Therefore, slaves who only use Skrill can now tribute me with less hassle. I enjoy all of these forms of electronic payment processing which my slaves use to tribute me.

Some slaves have expressed to me that the idea of online cash slavery is very impersonal because it doesn’t allow for actual interaction between master and slave. In my opinion, I agree and disagree with this statement. If a slave tributes those other so-called “masters” then it could appear as impersonal. However, I take the time to learn the inner thoughts of each of my slaves before I get into intense cash rapes with them. I learn their fears, weaknesses, desires, and pleasures. Afterward, I utilize that information to my advantage to further weaken and drain my slaves. It is almost as if once the slaves shares those covert secrets of their lives to me, they slowly begin a process of dehumanization. The reason I’ve come to this conclusion is because I’ve realize that once the slave shares his deepest desires with me, it is at that moment that he is most human and real. Beyond that point, there is nothing left for him to share with me and he is treated accordingly. The slave is then treated like a wallet and the dehumanization process begins. Like a wallet, the most dehumanized of slaves is a just a piece of skin which holds credit cards. If someone found a wallet which had nothing of value in it, then that person wouldn’t want that wallet. It would just be a piece of dried out skin or hide. It is only the wallets that have the most valuables attached to them that are the most sought after in the world. This now leaves me to ask all of those slaves reading this, what value do you possess for me?

After a year long hiatus, I’m bringing back the cash slave leader board this month. For those newer slaves who are unfamiliar with this creation of mine, its a way for me to track which slaves are my most loyal and who tributes the most. I will post on the cash slave leader board page, the top contributor for each day. The slave who tributes the most by the end of the month will receive a free 20 minute cam session from me or a prize of his choosing which I will ultimately have to approve first. Slaves who think they cannot win this competition can still tribute and might be lucky enough to get their slave name on the leader board page. Any and all tributes count for this competition. So no matter what website, medium, or method for which you tribute me, it will still be counted based on how much you have sacrificed in dollars for the tribute. Get those tributes rolling in to me, slaves.


Get Ready to Pay!

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That’s the phrase of my new favorite site for accepting tributes from slaves. A lawyer fag slave of mine recommended the site Venmo to me a few weeks ago. I never heard of it but after some initial research it seemed like an amusing version of PayPal. With Venmo, I can charge slaves for whatever I want. I just have to type in his email or phone number, type in how much, and why I’m demanding the money. The site lets you type anything you like for the reason such as for being superior, for being better than you, for money owed, etc.

Venmo will come in handy when I’m not online. I can tax my slaves while I’m on the go at restaurant, at the gym, or while I’m shopping for workout gear and don’t want to have to use my own money. Going forward, I’m going to use Venmo primarily just for non-webcam tributes (i.e. the tributes where slaves shouldn’t expect anything in return). A handful of slaves have already begun tributing me this way just for being awesome.

Fill in your Venmo email below and I will add you:

The holiday season is fast approaching, slaves. This means that all of you should be checking my wishlist and checking it twice as it will be updated frequently. Next month, I’ll be bringing back the long awaited cash slave leader board so that all of my slaves can have the chance to be recognized for their tributing efforts and only one will win the prize of a free cam session. However, don’t let that discourage you from tributing this month. Slaves don’t always need a reason to tribute. A true slave will serve without expecting anything in return from his master. A well experienced slave will just tribute so that he can please his master because he knows that is what he was born to do. Dominant alpha males always make use of the weaker submissive types of the world as it’s the natural order of things.

Also don’t forget to check out my Twitter page for photos and updates of me which may not always appear here on my blog.

More often than not, slaves will message me with fears regarding the amounts they tribute to me. Their fear stems from an association between giving up money and pain. For example, someone who bets a large sum of money and loses it feels pain and emptiness afterwards because they experienced a loss which leaves them no longer feeling whole anymore. When slaves express this concern to me, I know where I must begin the training with this slave. I begin to make my slaves associate pleasure with tributing me. It’s this association which will retrain their brain into forgetting the school of thought which they were previously taught and instill a new mindset. This method of training usually involves me instructing the slave to associate masturbation and cumming with tributing. Allowing a slave to masturbate or cum only after he presents me with a tribute represents one of the most basic examples of this type of training. Over time, the slave will start to associate cumming and masturbating with tributing which means every time his urges take over, he’ll need to tribute so that he can reach pleasure. Otherwise, he’ll start to feel empty when he cums without tributing.

Last week, I encountered a slave which I implemented this training technique with via Skype. Most of the time, I do not explicitly tell the slave my intentions or plans during our sessions. By doing so, it allows me to train the slave better and develop trust. The slave I used this method on last week also enjoyed humiliation. His enjoyment of humiliation showed me that he has trained his brain to embrace humiliation as a turn on for himself. Thus, I used this to my advantage and gave him commands on how to humiliate himself after each tribute. He wore a leather mask during the entire session and fried his brain on poppers at my command. The items he had within his reach for the session were: plastic wrap, clothespins, nipple clamps, a ball gag, a smelly boot, black plastic wrap, a small weight, and duct tape. To prevent him from cumming quickly during our session, I instructed him to duct tape his entire dick after his first tribute to me. From that point, I made him place clothespins on his body and smack them off one by one, attach the nipple clamps and tug on them, wrap the plastic wrap around his head (Making sure he poked large holes so he could breathe of course. This was just to prevent him from seeing me.), sniff poppers, sniff the fumes from his smelly boot, then finally after his final tribute to me he was allowed to removed the duct tape. However, he had to wrap the black plastic wrap around his dick with another end wrapped around the weight so that it hung from his dick and balls. The slave then had my permission to cum within 20 seconds. He lost control within only 5 seconds. Now this slave can begin to associate the pleasures he feels with tributing a dominant alpha male.

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