Working hard or hardly working?

Posted: May 6, 2011 in Uncategorized

In my moments when I think of how truly great I am, I sat down and looked at my records of what I made from online gifts since May 1st compared to what I earned at my job since the same time. My online gifts totaled $1,102. Wages before taxes totaled $48. By the end of the week, I’ll have about $70 from wages. From online gifts, I could surpass $2,000 by Saturday night. What the fuck is wrong with the minimum wage in this country? This is why people don’t want to work. My reason for working is to have something on a resume for my real job eventually, rather than having to explain my absence from the workforce with some made up story as to why I haven’t worked. But if the minimum wage would be raised then maybe the lowlifes out there who rely on government assistance solely and don’t even bother looking for work would get jobs.

However, its thanks to my slaves for working hard at their jobs so that I can remain hardly working. When you get down to the the essentials, a GOD like ME shouldn’t have to work a lot of hours each week. My working job shouldn’t clothe or feed me. A slave’s purpose is to clothe and feed me. To pay up what is rightfully mine so that I can satisfy all of my needs and wants at any given notice. If I want something, then I am to have it. All of your fucking money belongs to me. The way I see it is that all of my slaves are like banks. Banks to hold my money until I want it or plan on spending it and that’s how it will ALWAYS be in MY LIFE.

  1. slave201 says:

    good attitude and You are absolutely right!
    that way it should be all Your life.

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