Reached over 1,000 slave visitors

Posted: May 9, 2011 in Uncategorized

It’s amazing that in one week, I’ve gotten over 1,000 slaves to visit this site. Just imagine that if each of those slaves gave $20 each to me. Doing the math…carry the one…count on toes…that would be $20,000 in one week haha. Even better, imagine if each slave visitor shelled out $100. My week total, under that scenario, would be $100,000. I’d buy my own house with straight up, cold hard cash. However, that’s wishful thinking in a very optimistic world. Even though I am entitled to all of that potential money, I encounter fake slaves who just look to waste my time. Tonight I devoted over an hour in total to two slaves. Both promise the world and deliver jack shit in return. It amazes me how these things function as someone’s property. If they had jobs, which I doubt they do, and their boss demanded something done, would they disappear and just goof off to waste time? If these sons of bitches did, they’d be fired immediately. Point being, don’t message me if you just intend to make a friend for free or want to pass the time. A good way to pass the time for all you time wasters out there would be to go get a job, earn some income, and give all of it or practically all of it to ME!

On a side note, good job to the slaves out there who have been buying up my Amazon wishlist. Soon I’ll be adding more items to give my devoted followers more options to choose from and more potential ways to please me. Keep up the good work for those of the 1,000 visitors who actually understand their roles in this scene.

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