“There is no substitute for hard work”…except for being a CASH MASTER!!!

Posted: July 11, 2011 in Uncategorized

I haven’t updated this site in a long time, so I figured it was overdue for an update about what’s going on in your favorite cash master’s life. Last week, I finally quit my pathetic part-time job working in retail. After some long time in this financial domination scene, I started to realize that someone like myself deserves only the best and needs to start living the life of a GOD, not mingling with peasants. So far this year, in my part-time job, I’ve only earned about 10% of what I earn as a cash master. So finally, I reached the breaking point and called into my job to inform them that I find a more successful line of work and won’t be coming back anymore. Yep, didn’t even give two weeks notice, just up and left HAHA. Even in that piss poor job, I was the top seller of my department every week, month, and year. I expect sales to drop significantly due to my absence. However, the plus side of all this is that I can devote all of my time to my real calling in life, being what I truly am: an ALPHA GOD CASH MASTER. I dominate everything I do in life and excel in all fields. Even when I get a traditional job with my college degrees, I will continue to devote my time to controlling and dominating slaves. I amuse myself by controlling others and taking advantage of the weak. I will NEVER stop.

  1. slvBen says:

    Great Alpha God Cash Master,
    You should just relax, have fun while all your slaves are working for You, Sir.
    Kissing Your hads and feet, Sir.

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