I’ll put a hole in your pocket

Posted: September 26, 2011 in Uncategorized

I honestly believe I have the best stable of slaves around. I get extremely dedicated slaves all the time who prove their worth and value to me. Most of those tributes listed above came from a certain cash cow who just begged to be milked. The cow spent a total of $600 on tributing ME. To start things out with that cash cow, he let me know that he was just paid so his udder was full and needed milked. I let the slave do most of the work for the start of the cam session by sending about $100. Then he got so wa$ted on poppers that he begged me to use teamviewer on him because he couldn’t even type coherently. I pounced on the opportunity like a shark smelling blood. Logged into his computer and it was cake from that point forward in the milking. My strong fingers bouncing off those keys typing in tribute after tribute for myself. I’d occasionally take a break from all the tributes and give the slave a taste of what a real man looks like with some flexing and taunting. The slave was so much in a trance that he lost track of how much I was draining from him but I was keeping track. Finally he told me he had enough so I let his udder rest until it fills back up with more milk.

However, I have an entire stable of slaves who work hard to continue to make my life easier. Even though their tributes aren’t represented in this most recent $945 total, their tributes are featured prominently all through my paypal account. Such slaves that I enjoy using and testing their devotion to me are fag brian, fag matt, fag mike (my greendot specialist), ass slave, underwear slave, leather fag john, dutch pedo cow, bicep slave, and my aussie slave. I don’t like being termed as a “muscle master” or a “foot master”. Those terms make no sense, it limits me when in reality my abilities and appeal are limitless. Also, by being labeled a “muscle master” or something similar, it gives the slave power over his master by limiting him to one dimension. In contrast, I like to label my slaves based on their particular fetishes; hence, the names ass slave, underwear slave, and bicep slave for example. This gives me the power of bringing out my slave’s own weaknesses rather than giving them the power of labeling me.

I look forward to many more tributes to come in the future. Also, I expect all my slaves as well as newcomers to begin slowly saving up for the HUGE Christmas tributes I am expecting. Plus, if a particular slave is feeling angry that he wasn’t mentioned in this post, then take this experience as motivation to outshine the others and make yourself more prominent in my stable.

  1. asparagim says:

    it’s a true and distinct honor to be among your loyal, dutiful and respectful stable SIR

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