The winner of the first ever Cash Slave Leader Board is…

Posted: November 2, 2011 in Uncategorized

Congratulations to fag mike who came in first place in the first ever cash slave leader board. Later this week he will get his prize of a free 20 minute cam session with me. It was a fierce competition from the start with it being anyone’s game. Like a true slave, fag mike battle it out against tough competition but towards the end his only competition was my faithful fag matt. Fag matt put up a tough fight and even surprised fag mike with how quickly he caught up to him and beat him on occasion during the month. It was the final night, on Halloween, that the two rivals kept battling it out with only minutes left before I ended the competition. However, I’m a very fair master and take note of all the hard work and effort my slaves put into making my life easy and ensuring I life the alpha life. So, in the interest of fairness, I have allowed fag matt to also receive a free 10 minute cam session with me since he came so close to victory and fought until the end. I decided to be in the giving mood not only because I’m fair but also because last month was a record high for the year for me in tributes.

As any slave who has the privilege of serving me, they know I am completely fair and unbiased when it comes to those who are my property. It is evident of my nature by allowing the first and second place winners both free cam sessions with me. Thus, I want to also add that any slaves who have not tributed me last month have ultimately disappointed me. However, I am forgiving and am sure all of those particular slaves will attempt to win any future competitions I set forth or just simply treat their master to regular tributes for being so awesome.

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