Winner of the uPay auction and a rant

Posted: December 5, 2011 in Uncategorized

After days of tough competition, Fag Matt won my first ever uPay auction. Fag Matt, a regular of mine for several months, really wanted to shine last month with the initial cash slave leader board but fell a little short. Luckily, this month he showed dedication and pulled through to win the title of top bidder for the auction with a total of $800 in tributes for the month. I will work on adding more of my man scent to the items before I finally ship them out to Fag Matt. I enjoy owning devoted slaves in my stable of cash slaves like Fag Matt. It shows me the true embodiment of a loyal and obedient slave. A loyal and obedient slave represents someone who knows he belongs below his master in this hierarchy and demonstrates respect for all other masters accordingly. Yet, representing a faithful slave does not mean one must pay all other masters, it just means he should show respect where it is warranted. I possess a very decent network of reliable slaves. I realize based on their own circumstances, not all of them can rise to the top like Fag Matt did with the uPay auction or as Fag Mike did with the first cash slave leader board; therefore, I exhibit flexibility when it comes to those situations. However, I show low tolerance for bull shit excuses. I still expect to maintain weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly tributes from all my slaves. No tribute goes to waste. Even if the tribute does not win the monthly prize, it still yields some reward. The way in which a slave tributes, tells me a lot about them. I can tell how obedient and how badly they wish to worship me based on how much they tribute in comparison to their net worth and how quickly they tribute. Accordingly, I need to mention the filthy scum which resides in this scene. Those things I mention are timewasters.

Timewasters give all slaves a bad reputation in this scene. They force masters like myself to not show willingness to put time into new slaves with fear that the efforts they use merely turn to waste for some loser to get his rocks off for free. Those who read this blog are members or potential members of the financial domination scene (I doubt a Disney site directed you here). In other words, money exchanges occur in this scene. It’s a power exchange between master and slave. Money symbolizes the idea of power and authority. A slave willing to make the leap and hand over hard earned cash epitomizes the complete opposite of a timewaster. However, there still exist slaves who, for reasons a college graduate like myself still cannot comprehend, will message masters and promise the world but never deliver a single penny.

Now, I don’t want to get messages from slaves bitching to me saying not every slave needs to pay every master who contacts them. I clearly understand the rules of attraction and as I mentioned earlier, not every slave should feel required to pay every master. Although, if a slave messages me first it highly indicates he holds some willingness to submit to me financially. Otherwise, why did he message me? I have no reservations with introducing myself to new slaves who contact me, but I will not supply fodder for them to rub their tiny knot for free. If I contact the slave first, I can accept it if he, for whatever bizarre reason, doesn’t feel a connection with me evolving into his master and I move on with no hard feelings. The slaves who contact me and tell me they have whatever amount of available funds, agree to pay, then magically sign off when it comes time to pay embody the losers I mention. I don’t care what excuse you have for wasting my time in such a manner, there exists no acceptable excuse for this behavior.

While in this scene I’ve heard every possible excuse and seen every possible trick these worthless timewasters employ. Tactics of a timewaster include: buying Amazon wish list items while you’re on cam then canceling them, letting you log into their computer with TeamViewer then closing out before processing the payment, crying to PayPal that they didn’t authorize those transactions, trying to send Amazon gifts/gift cards with a maxed out credit card then acting like they weren’t aware, claiming they need authorization from another master who probably doesn’t even exist, and the list goes on from there. These cancerous forms of people in this scene make it bad for all the loyal slaves out there who understand this scene. If a slave doesn’t want to submit financially to me and still maintains respect about it, since I am a master, I will gladly accept that and move on, but if a “slave” promises to submit and doesn’t then he is a piece of garbage, plain and simple. If those people want freebies and don’t want to take on the power exchange of this scene, then I can’t understand why they don’t just go to free porn sites and crank one out to those videos. This behavior of those things in this scene needs to change immediately. Alas, I take note of all the hard work my devoted slaves put into their service to me.

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