Xma$ treat for MY slaves

Posted: December 18, 2011 in Uncategorized
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Now pay it forward from that hypnotizing presentation and make sure I have some gifts from any and all slaves who visit this page. The links in the left sidebar will send you in the right direction. It doesn’t matter how big or small, all tributes count during the holiday season. So, don’t be intimidated by my more $ubmissive slaves that reside in my stable.


  1. emofag says:

    An amazing man !

  2. rick says:

    Hi Sir, i just sent u a tribute..
    you are just amazing .. i had no idea til now ..how i am so inferior than u.
    thanks to let me worshipping u.

    italian fag rick

  3. slvBen says:

    Sir, i read Your blog a lot. I am always amazed by how you treat your visitors/readers: You call us slaves (and yes, we are). You put us working more and harder for You (we do it with pleasure).
    You are a real cash god, You look great in your amazing leather gloves and jacket and You deserve the best quality properties and services from your slaves forever.
    Be wroshiped and I wish you a happy new year, the most rapidly growing empire: lot of new slaves, incomes….
    You are the best.
    a slave from Hungary. Skype: pethozsolt

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