Winner of December’s cash slave leader board…

Posted: January 3, 2012 in Uncategorized
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After one of the most intense tributes months I’ve ever seen, Fag Matt overcame the obstacles and pulled out a win at the very last minute of the competition. Fag Matt’s overall monthly total in December accumulated to an outstanding $1,500. His financial devotion won him a 20 min free cam session with me which I just wrapped up before typing this post. Through the last few days of the competition, Fag Matt was stagnant at $800 in total tributes then came through on the last night with a $700 tribute. He made it his goal apparently to win after being defeated by Fag Mike in the first leader board competition. Moreover, Fag Mike also proved worthy this month by having his highest tribute month to me thus far with over $1,000 in tributes. His financial obedience to me scored him third place in the competition, which isn’t a bad rank considering how intense the competition was this month due to my collection of Christmas tributes. Along with both of those high ranking “veteran” slaves of mine, Alpha Slave came through strong in his first month of actual financial service to me with a second place rank of also over $1,000 in tributes. I’ve known Alpha Slave since I first discovered this scene but he didn’t serve me until recently. There’s nothing wrong with him doing that, it just shows he was confused until he finally came to the realization that I truly am the best master around today because I possess everything. I inherently maintain the looks, the intelligence, and the character of a superior that rightfully deserves every single tribute which is given to me.

These slaves went above and beyond the call of slave duty to me last month. Although, there are many other slaves in my stable who might have not tributed as high amounts as those three but still proved very worthy of my attention. They all did so with the various tributes they bestowed upon me in exchange for the simplest of rewards such as a few minutes of cam time or a handful of pictures. All of my tributing slaves represent an integral role in my stable whether they make it their duty to reach tributes in the thousands or to simply clear my amazon list or to add more to the monthly total.

Thus, I’m proud of all of my slaves for their efforts and ultimately realizing I’m the best master on this scene because I cover all the bases with my looks, mental capacity, and demeanor in regards to control and dominance of inferiors or worshipers. Keep the tributes flowing heavy in 2012 because I expect this to go down as a record year for me.

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