Another Month, Another Competition

Posted: February 3, 2012 in Uncategorized
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After the poor post holiday performance of my slaves, its time to put all of you against each other again to start harboring competition in the ranks again. This month I’ll be doing another cash slave leader board. The winner (the one who tributes the most in total for the month) will have a choice though of either 20 minutess of free cam time with me or a pair of my underwear, which will be featured in the uPay auction later this week, as the prize. However, the slave who ranks in the second place spot will receive the prize the winner did not choose. So for the dumb slaves out there, that means if the winner chooses the 20 minutes of free cam time with me as his prize then the second place winner gets the underwear but if the first place winner chooses the underwear then the second place winner gets the free 20 minutes of cam time. Simple enough. I expect all my slaves to work extra hard this month since there are only 29 days to get all those tributes in for me to total them and determine the first and second place winners.

Take a look at the winners for each day thus far.

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My personal yahoo group: CASH GOD

My secondary yahoo group: UNDERWEAR GODS 

  1. rick says:

    this year February has 29 days!! 🙂

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