Time to Collect Income Taxes

Posted: February 9, 2012 in Uncategorized
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Its the second greatest time of the year for cash masters. Its tax return season. I’m sure all of you slaves received the needed information to complete your tax returns by now and most likely already mailed them out. The money the government is giving you back in return does not belong to you. You’ve done nothing to deserve it. Clearly, the money belongs in the pockets of someone far superior, better looking, and more intelligent. Therefore, I’m posting this order to all my slaves out there and any new slaves reading this post. I demand your entire tax return checks for this year. Imagine the rush it would bring to your boring life to hand over every single dollar of your income tax return to me. Hundreds or even thousands of dollars gone within minutes or even seconds. Deposited right into my account for withdrawal. Everything you’ve earned for the previous tax year just given to superior and dominant master in the blink of an eye. I will be accepting PayPal as usual for the tax return tributes. I’ll even take Amazon gifts from my wish list for the value of your tax returns. So get to it, slaves. Check your bank accounts for the direct deposit of your tax returns or check your mailbox for the check from the government. Then contact me on Yahoo: ecw5854 without hesitation and give me every fucking penny of the tax return before you spend it on some stupid shit, which will never give you the thrill of handing all of the money over to ME.

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