Winner of the 1st 2012 Cash Slave Leaderboard

Posted: March 2, 2012 in Uncategorized
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After a grueling month of fluctuating tribute amounts, Fag Mike came through with a win on the 1st Cash Slave Leaderboard of 2012. He hasn’t fully decided if he wants the pair of sweat soaked underwear or a free cam session but I’m sure he’ll make a wise choice regarding which he craves more than the other. The second place winner, foot fag, hasn’t been in contact with me in about a week. Therefore, if he doesn’t come back he’ll lose his prize which is the prize Fag Mike doesn’t select. The Cash Slave Leaderboard will return again in April which should be an interesting month since some slaves will be getting their tax returns back if they are late filers.

This month I’ll be doing the weekly Goals page again. As a reminder, once a goal is reached, I will reward all slaves who contributed for that week with the same reward. The reward will either be sets of pictures, a private YouTube video, or whatever else I decide they earned. I will reward all slaves who contributed for the month with the same selection of rewards if the monthly goal is attained. This type of competition for slaves helps those slaves who can’t afford the huge tribute amounts which my regular slaves tribute to me. It allows those slaves to get the same reward for the contributions. So start handing over the  green (that means cash for the slaves who don’t understand) for the month of March.

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