Avoid this Cunt

Posted: March 9, 2012 in Uncategorized

This prick had me use teamviewer on him because he wanted to pay for my monthly gym membership which is $40 per month. So, I completed the transaction and the fucking loser told me how great it felt after I completed it. Hours later the little ass eater disputed the transaction claiming he had no recollection of it occurring. As you can see his name on Yahoo is Max Ibiza and he goes by the legal name Renan Pinheiro. His phone number begins with 508, meaning he’s in the Greater Boston area of Massachusetts. Upon further investigation, he’s more specifically in Middlesex County. I could go on and on regarding what else I found on him but I won’t give him even more attention. So as a word of precaution, avoid this flake at all costs.

Additionally, I’m not doing this to expose someone who didn’t have it coming to him. I’m extremely fair if you talk to me but I have little tolerance for people who try to ruin this scene and don’t deliver on what they agreed to do.

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