Smart, I Like. Smart Ass, I Don’t. [UPDATE #2!]

Posted: April 2, 2012 in Uncategorized

This is a message a slave of mine brought to my attention the other day. It’s from a new Yahoo group called TopMasters. I had my slave take screen shots for me, so that I could post them on here. The slave known as “jeffbrownie” seems to have quite a vivid memory in his comment posted on this group. He claims we used to be friends on Facebook and that we’ve spoken so much that I allegedly told him I was gay (note the CAPITAL LETTERS for emphasis). I would love to see these old messages of my alleged, stimulating chats I had with “jeffbrownie”. Now, I wouldn’t care so much, if a slave or inferior has an opinion about me and wants to post it in this group, as there are some not so flattering posts about me on there and I don’t really care. It was this message in particular which grabbed my attention.

To further examine this, I had the slave who informed me of this posting click Show Message Option then View Source. I did this because I was curious as to what was this slave’s IP address. Highlighted is the slave’s IP address. I normally don’t do this but “jeffbrownie” was giving me strange vibes, I needed to know more about this individual. With the IP address [], I decided to look around various Yahoo groups which I’m a part of and try to find a match. Luckily, I found the true identity of the slave “jeffbrownie”. Almost like finding the true identity of Batman but less exciting.

Again, I highlighted the important parts of the source code to prevent your eyes from going crossed. A match is found. The IP address of the slave “jeffbrownie” [] is actually the same IP address of supposed master, Benny. So, in that earlier Yahoo group I mentioned, it appears there rests a rooster in the hen house. However, I’m not sure I understand any of this. Is Benny a liar or telling the truth? If Benny is telling the truth about us having talks and me admitting to him that I’m GAY (capital letters for emphasis as mentioned earlier) then that would mean if we spoke then he must’ve been a paying slave (likely since he poses as a slave in the topmasters group). If Benny isn’t telling the truth then why would he lie? Is he jealous of someone who doesn’t even talk to him? Does just looking at me make him insecure about himself? Obviously, he must be jealous of me and my stable of slaves otherwise why would he even care about my presence in the scene. I’m only posting this under provocation. I honestly don’t give two shits what others say or think about me. I know my bank account continually grows so I must be doing something right in life and I don’t pay too much attention to what others do in the scene.

Posting smack talk about other masters and claiming they’re fake isn’t something that bodes well with me. If a slave has grievance with me, I’m here for it to be said to my face. Someone that is so insecure of himself shows me true weakness. I don’t understand the intentions of Benny’s defamation of character comments regarding myself. If I’m a fake master then I could understand. A fake master to me would be someone who 1) uses fake pictures to represent themselves, 2) pays other masters, 3) does not possess a true superior’s appearance, attitude, or lifestyle (on a side note, it’s none of my business who out there doesn’t have these qualities because I’m out there looking for slaves, not other masters like Benny does). Ask any of those who have served me over the years and they will tell you straight up that I maintain all those qualities of a real master / superior. I don’t resort to childish, high school like antics by posting information about other people in hopes of pretending to have an edge over someone. I only made this post about Benny because my name was brought up in his desperate attempt for attention or a potential quick handout from others. If Benny wants to play pretend and think he’s a master by talking about me and not representing those three qualities of a true master like myself, he can knock himself out with playing pretend.

However, let’s stick to factual evidence. Benny claims we’ve spoken in the past under his alias “jeffbrownie” (were pot brownies on his mind when he created that name??) and we were even Facebook friends according to him. I sometimes have lapses in memory but I’m damn sure that never happened unless he paid me under some phony alias as he’s done with other masters. A slave of mine sent this particular gem to me. It shows a summary of niteflirt charges under another master’s account. The first column shows the name of the person who paid, then what they paid for, the date of payment, method of payment, and amount. Even with my bachelor’s degree in accounting, I wouldn’t even need a high school diploma to see the above graphic says Master Benny. Why, if he’s a real master / superior, is he paying other men? Doesn’t that quality go against the ideals I listed of a true superior? I’m pretty sure it does and it shows he’s not even a high paying slave. He only paid a total of $12.50?!? That amount won’t even buy lunch. Plus, if he’s going to do that, he wasn’t even smart enough to do it under a fake name.

Clearly, someone is jealous and feels threatened by looking at me. Benny can say we were Facebook friends and that he paid me under the alias of “jeffbrownie” or he can say I’m gay or straight or transgendered even haha. None of his words or actions phase me. I know no matter what he types about me that when I look at myself in the mirror at the gym that I see a dominant individual that doesn’t feel intimidation from someone as tall as a smurf.


I’m glad to see my counterparts are resorting to high school like tactics as I said above that they’re so used to doing. Its funny that the best attack on me they can use is to say I’m gay. That’s extremely creative, I’m really shaking in my boots. I can tell “jeffbrownie” lacks creativity because he admits he goes on other people’s profiles to steal ideas. I also like that he says good job on the Photoshop. None of the above pictures are altered, those are screen shots with the important points highlighted. Also, I don’t understand how someone could click an ATM button and not obviously know how it works. Pretty much you know that its going to result in a payment. Its a clickable button on a pay site. Someone would laugh at you if you claimed to have put money into a soda machine to see what would happen. He even claims above that he clicked it to see what would happen but later explains that anyone who clicks a button appears as a customer. So, if he knew what would happen why would he click it? He just said above he’s a customer. Failed logic is failed. Plus, “jeffbrownie” apparently clicked the button twice. Mistakes only happen once, the second time around they’re an on purpose. Someone superior like myself doesn’t go searching around for other masters’ profiles. A real life example would be a guy in a club following around the alpha male to get ideas on how to pick up the ladies. Doesn’t seem very alpha at all. Seems desperate and lazy.

Plus, everything I’ve typed above is pretty informational and not subjective. So there aren’t really that many facts I have to get straight. If the best insults someone can come up with is to say I’m gay, then I feel bad for him. The below screen shot which a slave of mine sent me kind of speaks for itself. Even if someone else typed the information below and created the website it comes from, it stills shows “jeffbrownie” (Benny) isn’t capable of creating a superior website like my own which further illustrates the lack of techniques he possesses compared to myself. So, I’ll leave the little guy to continue to embarrass himself while I dominate and get paid.

Update #2:

It appears as though Benny’s friend from Australia is trying to come to his aid because Benny can’t fight me in a battle of words on his own so he enlists in the help of others. I found this message in my inbox while checking email.

Obviously, I’m not going to approve that comment on here because its entirely false. It just makes me laugh that someone who I didn’t even mention in this post is now coming to Benny’s rescue. The way in which he saves Benny is to make up false accusations that any person with a brain would know are not true. I like the immense creativity which bubbles over in the minds of these two. As Benny himself stated earlier, people need to get their facts straight. My blog posts here provide evidence to reinforce my claims. I would gladly like to see proof that I wanted to buy someone’s underwear. If I bought those alleged underwear, I ask where were the supposedly shipped to? Is there proof of our supposed negotiations? I will gladly post on here any real evidence of such a negotiation. As a man, I don’t have to have others come to my rescue when someone presents an intelligent argument before me. Furthermore, I find it kind of strange of Ashton to come to Benny’s aid when in the comments on this post, Benny sort of slams Ashton for making his website. He’s quick to throw any negativity onto the next guy. Thus, I continue to laugh at the inferior attempts of others to make themselves look better when compared to myself.

  1. master benny says:

    You fucking faggot I told you long time ago I would expose you! We all know that you are a queer, when you first came into the scene , your profile said that you were gay.
    Jeff Erno puppy boy has the proof’ so just admit it you cocksucker. Get off the computer.
    BTW good job on the Photoshop you loser, lol!
    I will show anyone on my niteflirt to prove that i have never paid anyone.
    I went on profiles to look around for ideas and clicked the atm- button to see how it worked. I can prove that. I can show anyone my niteflirt and if you go look at his original post when he first posted that it says pending, anyone who clicks a button on your niteflirt, appears as a customer! So get your facts straight homo!

  2. master benny says:

    Ashton made my website, so that explains that one.

  3. Runt Chuck says:

    I don’t care what others idiot Masters say, Sir. You are the BEST!

  4. jimmy says:

    Sir, i just wanted to let You know that i really appreciate You outing that fucking benny asshole! i never could stand that ignorant low-life fuck! benny is such a fucking loser; he goes around to websites BEGGING for cash because he’s too fucking stupid and lazy to get a real job. i am proud to say that i have never sent any cash to that fuckwad! i absolutely can’t stand even looking at his disgusting pictures. he’s not ugly, he’s FUGLY (that’s “Fucking UGLY for those of you that don’t know). That ignorant, fugly motherfucker would make a train take a dirt road!

    As for YOU SIR, YOU are a TRUE GOD, in every sense of the word! It’s REAL MEN like YOU that deserve servitude from faggots like me. i have decided that i will now begin serving YOU, if YOU will allow me to. Thanks again for YOUR outstanding montage of that idiot benny!

    jimmy fag

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