Slave Profile – #1 : Suit Slave

Posted: April 6, 2012 in Uncategorized
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After my previous posting, I’m getting tired of that particular subject. So, I’m going to move on and present something more entertaining. Hopefully, if I feel like it, I’ll be posting this once a week. The new feature on this site will be of slaves who present me with huge tributes, entertain me in some way, continue to serve me over time, or stand out from the crowd in particular. I have many entries planned. Thus, slaves shouldn’t feel bitter because they aren’t mentioned in this first entry.

This particular slave came to me at the end of last year and has a fetish for seeing superiors in suits, ties, and the finest clothing. I only wear name brand clothing which allowed him to be in luck. From digging deeper into this slave’s mind, I’ve understood the root of his particular fetish is the power aspect of it. He looks up to men who wear suits, ties, and dress clothes as being powerful. I enjoy imposing my power and control over others and could use some more dress clothes for when I enter into the business world. Therefore, this wasn’t much of a challenge for him to resist my natural dominant abilities. However, right before Christmas of 2011, suit slave made the bad decision of tributing another master (who will be left unnamed out of respect)  and becoming that master’s regular suit slave. So I knew it was only a matter of time before he came crawling back.

As I suspected, suit slave came crawling back at the end of last month. I gave him the typical crawling-back-to-me cash draining session. He tributed gift after gift from my Amazon wishlist. He gifted over $300 in Amazon gifts his first night back in my stable. As he watched me show off and only reward him with what he deserved, I allowed him to watch me as I added more items to my wishlist such as dress shirts, ties, cuff links, and other items. He tributed me an array of items not even in the area of dress clothes, such as cologne and workout gear. Suit slave did this all while choking himself with his own tie. That’s another part I forgot to mention, he was on cam as well during our Skype session and felt it was vital to present himself to me in full dress clothes attire out of respect. A true slave understands that it is his duty to respect any and all superiors. He doesn’t necessarily have to pay any and all superiors, but show them respect. Also, I feel it is important as superior to make the slaves beg me to pay me. I’m not the type to beg, its not my nature. I get inside a slave’s head and they have no choice but to beg me if they can have the opportunity to pay me. Below I’ve included some of the tributes suit slave has purchased for me. He hasn’t purchased all of these items but has tributed a great majority of them. These are all the dress clothes I haven’t even taken out of the packages yet.

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