Slave Profile – #3 : Alpha Slave

Posted: April 22, 2012 in Uncategorized

I’ve known this slave probably the longest of all my dominant encounters. However, this particular slave only began tributing at the end of 2011 once he fully realized and became aware of my complete and total dominance of the scene. As he racked up charges at the end of 2011 for holiday tributes to me, he also handed over the Underwear Gods Yahoo group to me. I still have him run it for me because, as a master, I shouldn’t have to deal with approving messages and members. As time progressed this year, I began to get deeper into this slaves mind.

In this year, I’ve created more variations of  the typical, generic popper sessions with this particular slave. Rather than just counting down for the slave as he inhales and fries his brain, I decided to switch it up all the time. He never knows what’s coming next. Sometimes, when I’m counting him down, I’ll use random numbers so he never knows when the end of inhaling is in sight. Other times, I have the slave grab a new, fresh bottle of poppers and an old one then I’ll make him switch off between nostrils and bottles while I count randomly and command him as to which bottle and nostril I want him to utilize next. Ultimately, making him hold his breathe at the end until he nearly passes out. Once he regains consciousness, he begs to send me a tribute. His little, weak body craves the action of tributing me after I make him fry his brain. The best part of this is that before we even do these popper sessions, I encourage the slave to drink while he waits for me to sign online. So he gets loosened up and ready for his master to command him as to what to do next during the session once I’m online.

Another variation on the popper sessions was that the slave begged me one night if he could sniff poppers for 3 seconds right before bed. Quickly, the slaves passive request turned into a draining session.  I made alpha slave inhale in each nostril for 3 extra long seconds then hold it for 3 even longer seconds. After each round, he owed a tribute. We did this 3 times and now refer to it as a 3x3x3 session. Just tonight, I had the slave use to come up with numbers for how long he should sniff on each side. I had him pick a number from 1-10. He got 2, so that’s the number of seconds he had to hold his breathe at the end. Then got a 7 and a 6 to which I instructed him that’s how long he’ll sniff on the left nostril and then the right nostril respectively. On the final round of tonight’s session, alpha slave was just $13 shy of tributing $300. So we decided it would be best for him to inhale 13 seconds each side while I count him down then for him to send the $13 to make it an even $300 for the night. Alpha slave completed the 13 second brain frying task and ended up tributing $63 to make his final total for the night $350. I love it when a slave goes above and beyond for his master. I constantly amaze myself at the creative methods I implement when it comes to draining slaves.

  1. Alex says:

    hi, I’m very interesting in this alpha slave.does the slave enjoy some privileges that other slaves don’t? was he a dominant master before and why did he have a website?  i am thinking of making one of my slaves my second hand, so your experience must be inspiring. you can email me at

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