Cash Slave Leaderboard Begins Again!!

Posted: May 2, 2012 in Uncategorized

NOTE: I updated the FAKES page as well.

After a very successful month of tributes, I’ve decided to throw out a curve ball and make the Leaderboard competition occur in back-to-back months. From what I’ve noticed, slaves enjoy competing against each other for my attention and love showering me in cash and gifts. So rather than having it occur every other month, I’m going to bring it back a second month in a row.

Additionally, after reviewing the demand in previous contests, I will be ending uPay at the current time until a later date. My previous competitions of it didn’t seem to stimulate a huge demand for my used gear because of a multitude of privacy issues and slaves rather just wanting to see me than to receive sweaty, rank items of mine. So get those tributes in early and often if you want a chance at winning a free 20 minute camera session with me at the end of the month. I will award this prize to the slave who tributes the most in total for the month of May. As a reminder, any form of monetary tribute counts when I add up your total. After a slave tribute me, I will determine if that particular slave earned a reward for his / her efforts.

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