Winner of April’s Cash Slave Leaderboard

Posted: May 2, 2012 in Uncategorized
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After a very grueling month of competition, queerboy won the April Cash Slave Leaderboard contest. He will now receive a free 20 minute camera session with me. Even during these “free” sessions, it seems the slaves still tribute me regardless of them winning this particular reward. In second place for the month was alpha slave, who was mentioned earlier this month in a slave profile on this blog.

Queerboy is a new slave to my stable and I’m sure he will fit in as an important staple to my loyal slaves as time progresses. For the month of April, I worked with queerboy to put him on a strict tribute schedule which requires him to tribute a certain amount each week. His eagerness to serve forces him to typically go over than weekly amount because as he says it “makes his cunt warm and moist” to do so for his Master. As I write this, the final Amazon wishlist item which queerboy tributed to me arrived today. I have added pictures of the watch he tributed me at the bottom of this post. I expect all of you little bitch boys and submissives to keep the tributes flowing. The one thing I like to see in any of my slaves is consistency and loyalty. Very few slaves possess the characteristic of loyalty. All too often do I see a slave who tributed me begin tributing a different Master every week. All the slaves out there should take notes from my past Cash Slave Leaderboard winners and runner-ups when it comes to the characteristic of loyalty. Now for pictures of my new kickass watch.

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