Slave Hall of Fame

Posted: May 9, 2012 in Uncategorized

On the Slave Hall of Fame page, I will list the names of any slaves who garnered the various rankings in my stable of slaves. Current rankings will consist of those slaves with cumulative tributes of $1,000 , $2,500 , $5,000 , and $10,000. I only began keeping records at the beginning of last year and over time I devised better methods of record keeping as time progressed. Therefore, any slave who tributed me before that period of time might not be listed on there. If I left any names off the list, then I suggest those not ranked on here should contact me to straighten out the issue.

A slave can achieve multiple ranks of service by continually tributing me over time. The purpose of this page manifests itself in giving my slaves sets of goals to achieve in the future as well as allowing them to commit themselves to me over a longer time span.

Check out the current rankings now.

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