Slave Profile – #4 : Fag Matt

Posted: May 9, 2012 in Uncategorized
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Around June 2011, I began looking around online to find new websites to advertise my greatness. It was around the same time which fag Matt found me online. He originally wanted to serve just as a simple slave, until I enlightened him to realm of financial domination. I always find it exciting to engage a new slave and showcase to him the various aspects of financial domination. Since obviously this realm of domination receives a bad reputation which mainly originates from the existence of a few bad apples in the bunch who don’t understand the main purpose of this scene. However, fag Matt obviously was sold on the idea after I explained it to him since he’s been serving me ever since.

Additionally, fag Matt was the first slave to reach a cumulative tribute amount to me of $5,000, which gave me the idea of creating a slave Hall of Fame (see above). Ultimately, fag Matt wants to work hard to one day be my household servant which will require him to do my laundry, wash my dishes, clean, fold my clothes, prepare my gym bag, mix my workout drinks and protein shakes, cook, and any other task I feel he earned or deserves the right to do for me. I feel goals like this are vital for a slave. It helps the slave concentrate and focus on working toward serving his master. I’m confident, fag Matt, as well as my other slaves, will continue to serve for a long time to come and I welcome any new comers to the scene who want to serve me as fag Matt accepts to do.

  1. Toby says:

    Very damn hot…

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