The World is Mine

Posted: May 13, 2012 in Uncategorized
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Upon reviewing my statistics in regards to traffic to this WordPress, I felt amazement at the various countries represented among the visitors to this site. I do not discriminate against any slave who is willing to make financial sacrifices to one day achieve the privilege of having me as his master. I allow slaves of all races, colors, genders, and orientations to serve in my stable. I’m sure I have slaves in many more countries than listed below. However, WordPress only lets me view a country representation map up to February 25, 2012. Therefore, it isn’t a complete indication of origin of all of the visitors to this site. Below is the report and map indicating my popularity as well as the international landscape of financial domination.

My empire continues to grow every single day. The simple presence of myself in this world gives all cash slaves a purpose to serve me and to shower me with gifts and tributes. The goal of a cash slave represents itself in gaining the ability to join my stable of slaves and potentially achieve name recognition on my site or a possible real time meeting. Slaves should ache every day wanting to open their wallets and pull out those credit cards to relinquish their disposable income and make sacrifices for their master. When a slave willingly hands over their own income in such a manner, it exhibits true devotion. It shows me a slave’s willingness to give up his own wants and needs for the benefit of my own. In my opinion, those acts manifest themselves in absolute devotion towards a superior. Thus, I look forward to the future of one day owning cash slaves in every country and furthering my control.

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