Slave Profile – #5 : Dutch Cow

Posted: May 18, 2012 in Uncategorized

If my memory serves me correctly, I first encountered dutch cow over the summer of 2011. When I first found this slave, he went on camera in a video chat room and submitted to various masters at once, sending out multiple tributes and allowing the draining of his account. I knew right there, this slave needed drained to the fullest extent. During the group rape cash session, I fully understood why this slave calls itself a dutch cow. Obviously he’s dutch for one and secondly because he imagines himself as a cash cow. He continually begs for masters to “milk his udders”, meaning he wants a superior man to drain his bank account and empty out the money in it.

Months after this first encounter, and many tributes to me from dutch cow, he decided to quit the scene and shut down his PayPal account because he felt the tributes grew out of control. I’ve seen multiple slaves reach this point in their service to masters like myself and I know it’s only a matter of time before they begin tributing again. The need to tribute a superior like myself isn’t something an inferior like dutch cow can just simply stop doing. Over time, the desires begin to bubble to the surface and ultimately take control of the slave’s mind. Those urges channel the hidden desires of that particular person to once again undertake the role of a slave.

Not long before I began doing this post, dutch cow posted a status update on Yahoo messenger notifying everyone he was being raped in the video chat room. Like a shark, I smelled blood, or in this case, cash. So I logged into the chat room and the dutch cow begged me to use Teamviewer on it to take what is rightfully mine just as many other men did a few minutes before my arrival. Additionally, the dutch cow uses rhetoric to further establish his purpose in life with sayings like, “shaped to be raped” and “trained to be drained”. As I logged into the dutch cow’s computer via Teamviewer, I could see the dutch cow’s webcam which he opened for public view on the video chat. While I took my tribute, the dutch cow continued to repeatedly punch himself with force in the udder. My guess for this behavior is that he wanted to feel physical pain as well financial and mental pain. However, I’m sure to the average person this would represent punishment but to the dutch cow’s slave mind these actions represent reward. I look forward to more cash rapings of the dutch cow in the future.

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