It’s June! It’s Also My Birthday Month!!

Posted: June 2, 2012 in Uncategorized

Before I shout out orders for my slaves to complete this month, I want to acknowledge last month’s cash slave leader board competition. After a slow month and not much competition, chicago slave won the cash slave leader board for May. He tributed a decent amount at the beginning of May then midway through the month he handed over a hefty $1,000 tribute in one night. His large tribute put him in first place the whole month with over $1,000 in cash tributes. His dedicated efforts will grant him a reward of a free cam session sometime this month. All through my life, I dedicated myself to anything I did whether it represented itself in school, work, gym, or cash raping. Therefore, I expect any slaves who serve me to be an extension of myself and mimic my work ethic and my dedication in life when they tribute me and worship me. Those words of wisdom should motivate any slaves reading this WordPress, especially since my birthday is approaching on June 23rd.

For June, I’ve decided to modify my existing goals competition. I’ve created four goal which I want my slaves to complete as a form of honoring me in the month of my birthday. The goals accommodate slaves of all income levels and servitude levels. After a slave has accomplished a goal, his name will be listed beneath it. At the end of the month, all slaves who achieved a goal will receive a reward dependent upon the goal he reached, regardless of whether or not I meet my own expectations of how many slaves I estimate will achieve each goal.

The 4 goals are not mutually exclusive which means a single tribute can accomplish multiple goals at once. Thus, a slave’s single tribute of cash / gifts can earn him the achievement of multiple goals with his single tribute amount. So slaves, stop hesitating and get to it.

Click here to see the GOALS page.  Click here for my Amazon wishlist. Send all gift cards to

  1. marky says:

    Our Cashgod in perfect position!

  2. Caleb says:

    Hey u look great and sexy can u call me at 425-516-4745 please and Camille lick your abs

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