June Goals Competition Results

Posted: July 1, 2012 in Uncategorized

Click here to see the results.

After calculating a numerous amount of tributes in June, none of the 4 goals were met completely. However, June served as my second highest month in tributes with slightly over $5,000 in tributes from slaves. Thus, I cannot complain with the slaves performance as it relates to the goals I set out for them. I visually represented some of the highlights below. The goal results I was pleased with were Goal #1 resulting in 20 / 24 gift purchases equaling 83.33%, Goal #2 with 3 / 5 slaves contributing a minimum amount of $552 resulting in 60% completion of this difficult goal, and Goal #4 with one slave contributing 59% of the $2,400 expected total. The slave who achieved this reward is flip-off slave.

Flip-off slave is a new slave from Rhode Island who has a fetish for middle fingers and smirks. He arrived later in June but performed very well in the competition. We created a game which we perform on Skype, where I utilize his weaknesses and make him pay me as a result. The game consists of me showing off and teasing him while at the same time flipping him the middle finger. Each time I flipped him off, he must pay a tax of $20. This quickly adds up resulting in $100+ taxes in each round. I’m sure he’ll fit in greatly over the course of time with the rest of the slaves in my stable.

Not only did flip-off slave arrive late this month, but so did UK popper slave. He is a who messaged me about wanting to serve. This slave’s weakness is being forced to further intoxicate himself. While in a Skype session, I will show off and command this slave to drink hard liquor, which will cost him $5-$10 per drink, and I will command him to sniff poppers for varying amounts of time, such as 10 seconds inhalation in each nostril or 5 seconds inhalation in each nostril twice. The inhalation sniffs cost him $1 per second. Once he has accumulated roughly $30 in tribute from the intoxication, I will tax him for seeing me flex any of my lean muscles. Thus, it results in him tributing a minimum of $50 or more per round.

Lastly, I can’t forget fag mike who shined this month. He tributed me a total of $5,665 over the course of nine months. He tributed me handsomely this month with a variation of cash tributes and gift tributes. I will be posting about him later this week in one of my slave profiles, so keep checking this blog to see more about him and some pictures. His ultimate goal is to be the first to achieve the $10,000 rank on my slave hall of fame page, since this month he achieved the $5,000 rank. The other slaves reading this should take that as motivation to perform better if they feel they are lacking or to keep up their great performance, like the slaves I mentioned above. Now below are some visual representations of the highlights this month.

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