Haters Gonna Hate

Posted: July 29, 2012 in Uncategorized

Since I’ve been enjoying my summer and working on a business venture, I haven’t had time to check or update this blog lately. However, I came across this message that wasn’t approved and will not be approved to be posted on this blog:


I’m not known to be one to bad mouth others or cry out in desperation for attention, but I got a big laugh out of this one. I purposely blocked out the I.P. address as I did a reverse look up and found out this “alpha.servant” isn’t really a slave at all but is a “master” posing as a slave. I won’t reveal the true identity of that person as I don’t think its necessary and would add fuel to the fire as my main focus is to find more slaves to tribute me and not focus on childish antics of trying to insult others. However, I will say that if you want to bad mouth me or post comments out of jealousy, don’t be sloppy about it where I can easily find out your real identity. I receive jealous insults and even death threats at least twice a week, so none of it phases me, but be cautious of tiny errors like this one if you do try to post defamatory statements about me. Now for some pictures for all of you to drool over:


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