Slave Profile – #7 : Fag Mike

Posted: July 29, 2012 in Uncategorized

I originally encountered Fag Mike in September 2011. At the same time, I was running a Cash Slave Leaderboard for the first time here on my blog. Fag Mike was extremely excited about the idea of this and wanted to impress me so much by becoming my top slave for that month. So, he sacrificed as much as he possibly could and won my first ever Cash Slave Leaderboard competition. However, Fag Mike prefers to keep a low profile of his service as a cash slave, meaning he must think of ways to serve me that do not include online tributes. Since his initial service, Fag Mike has used GreenDots to tribute me (however, PayPal bitches when I add the money then immediately withdraw it) and since January of 2012 he has begun mailing me the cash. I always enjoy going to the mailbox and opening up cards of $200 or more for the week.

Ultimately, Fag Mike would give anything for the chance to inhale the smell from an old pair of my sneakers. I told him that I invision taking a rank, old, and nasty sneaker and placing the opening over his nose and mouth and then tieing the laces around the back of his head as tight as possible. Thus, the only oxygen he will get is the foul smell from the inside of my shoe. Although, once this sneaker gas mask idea happens, I would require Fag Mike to purchase me a brand new pair which he gladly agreed to do when the situation occurs. Fag Mike has many perverse ideas of what he would enjoy when he meets me, most of them revolve around smells and human waste but I’ll save those for another entry about Fag Mike as he continues to serve me even longer.

Since his initial service to me in September 2011, it is vital to point out that he has tributed to me over $5,000. Therefore, you can see his name now listed on the Slave Hall of Fame page under the $5,000 rank. His goal is to be the first slave to hit $10,000. So for the other slaves reading this blog post, take note of the dedication and consistency of Fag Mike. He doesn’t jump around from master to master craving the attention of anonymous men to fill the voids of what he wants in life. He only craves my attention and lives to please me and meet any and all of my demands.

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