August’s Cash Slave Leaderboard

Posted: August 1, 2012 in Uncategorized

I’m fully aware I didn’t provide a competition in July for my slaves to compete against each other. The main factor in my decision over that was based on logic. I thought to myself, “Why should I have to come up with a reason for slaves to tribute me?” A true slave understands that he doesn’t always have to receive something in return when he tributes. It is the master’s decision to reward the slave if the reward has been earned and is deserved. I fully understand this philosophy and wanted to use it as an example for my slaves which is why I opted out of using a competition in July. My wants and my gain should be at the forefront of every slave’s mind when he’s spending money during the day. Slaves of mine should be living more frugal lifestyles so they can sacrifice more for me. There is nothing wrong with living a frugal lifestyle as long as the basic necessities are met in life. My wants and pleasures should be held to a greater degree of importance than what my slave’s want. So to reward the slaves who tributed me in July, as I feel their motivation should be rewarded, the amounts those slaves tributed to me will be counted in their totals for the cash slave leader board in August. For any new slaves, typically I present a cash slave leader board every other month. The purpose behind it is the slave who tributes me the most during that period receives a reward and I will mark the names of who was the top tributing slave for that day on each of the days of the month. The reward for August will be a free 20 minute cam session with me. So start getting those tributes in to catch up with the slaves who already tributed in July.


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