Posted: August 15, 2012 in Uncategorized

…well there are some who like to copy me. Today I was checking the usual financial domination websites and reading all the updates in the news feeds and then a slave of mine sent me a private message on one of the sites telling me that a new “master” has copied my wordpress site word-for-word and copied it in theme / content. So I checked out the site and sure enough, this guy copied every single detail of this blog and is marketing it as his own original content. He even copied my cash slave leader board and goals pages. I enjoy that others are inspired by me, since this appears to be the 3rd master that I know of who checks out this blog, but don’t copy other people. Copying others shows a sign of weakness and lack of originality. Be yourself, stand out from the crowd, don’t conform with everyone else. Below are examples of the copycat tactics of others. I blurred out faces and names to protect the innocent, since I’m not sure if this guy made this site himself or a slave of his made it and merely copied my site.

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