Tis the Season…

Posted: December 4, 2012 in Uncategorized

…to shower ME in cash and gifts! I made a list and you better check it twice: Amazon wish list. Also this month, I’m bringing back a cash slave leader board. The slave who tributes me the most in either cash or gifts will receive a free 20-minute cam session with me at a time which is convenient for myself and that particular slave. I’m also going to allow the option for the winner to take the 20-minute cam session prize or suggest a better prize to me. Therefore, the winner will either get a free 20-minute cam session with me or a prize of his choosing. I ultimately have the final say in the matter, but I’m willing to listen to suggestions. Last year in December, my slaves tributed over $8,000 in Christmas gifts. I expect that number to be surpassed this year as there are plenty of items remaining on my wishlist. If there are too many gifts to choose from on there then I still gladly and preferably accept cash, since my favorite color is green. I also take Amazon gift cards or gift cards to any other online retailer which can be sent to me at ecw5854@yahoo.com (make sure you send me an offline message on Yahoo if you send a gift card and I’m not online so that I know to check for it). As the tributes pour in, I may even post more pictures on here as I get more and more tributes. Consider that my gift to those of you reading this WordPress. Now for a few pictures:

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