Imitation is NOT the Greatest Form of Flattery

Posted: January 26, 2013 in Uncategorized

Why do so many idiots copy my work? I cannot fathom where someone’s mind would justify copying exact words, exact phrases, exact images, and even my own Amazon wish list link! Basically what I’m talking about is what is shown below in the images. Some guy seems to have entrusted in a slave to create a blog for him. I’m guessing he was tricked into going on cam for this slave in exchange for promotion / creation of the blog, I’m not entirely sure. Either way, the slave who promised to make this blog for him copied literally 100% of my  blog. Now I realize that the background of my blog is a WordPress theme which I did not make but that is not what boggles my mind. The element which confuses me is that this loser slave used the same images I made which go down the left side of this page for that site, he copied every single word I’ve written, and has copied my expenses page. The most asinine element is where he copied my goals page but must not have proofread his plagiarism when he copied my Yahoo ID and Amazon wishlist link. Plus, he has it marked as Cashgod’s September Goals, this is fucking January!





I gladly invite this con-artist of a slave to post a comment on this post to defend himself and to explain how he could be so stupid. The guy who was duped into trusting this loser has already posted in the comments and I have blurred out his images since I accept his apology. Regardless, I’m expecting a response unless this scamming slave is a coward and wants to figure out his identity and post it on this blog. The main lesson to learn from this for any of those cash masters reading this, never trust a slave to run your website for you in exchange for pictures or webcam shows.

  1. im gonna kill this useless mother fucker who made it im fixing the stuffs now … im fucking furious how can he be so retarded….

  2. cashgod13 says:

    from what i’ve learned the idiot’s name is slave.fag on skype. i’m still waiting for him to post in here since i know he visits this blog regularly

    • Hey mate, was directed here by a slave while talking about this exact kind of thing. I really like this post, there’s nothing more pathetic than lazy half assed masters who can’t even come up with their own ideas & concepts. I think you hit the nail on the head with the last statement of this entry:

      “The main lesson to learn from this for any of those cash masters reading this, never trust a slave to run your website for you in exchange for pictures or webcam shows.”

      I could not agree more with that statement, some things SHOULD be done or completely overseen by a Master. For instance a slave offers to set up a website and use his skills graphcally etc to help, why is the ‘master’ still not writing his own introductions and content for the page/pages? Does he not have any of his own style to come across in the page or expectations? More likely sheer laziness and looking for a fast buck. I know if I was going to have a slave help Me with a page I’d be overseeing and approving each page before anything goes live, but then I’d want the content on it to reflect My own personal style not just a copy & paste job.

  3. cashgod13 says:

    Thanks man. I don’t hold a grudge against the guy who owned that WordPress site as he may not have been aware my site even existed and just thought the slave promising to make that site for him was very talented. Little did he know the whole thing was a cut and paste job.

    Hence the reason why I never let a slave control my site.

    • Totally fair enough does depend on whether a slaves just done it, but still to just tell a slave who volunteers to make a site to do so is incredibly lazy without first providing the content (yes that means writing etc) you want on it, not just a couple pictures.

      Hopefully it all gets resolved and others take note of the suggestion at the end, it’s good advice.

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