Slave Profile – #8 : Muscle Slave

Posted: March 19, 2013 in Uncategorized

This scene as well as the interaction with slaves can get very boring sometimes. Even more boring when you have all the gifts you could ever want as evident from my Amazon wish list. To make interactions more interesting with my slaves, I sometimes try to create new reasons for them to tribute me and try to elevate the monotonous task of tributing by intermixing more variables into the process. One tactic I love using is connecting the tribute process to the idea of randomness and chance.

A few months ago muscle slave messaged me on Yahoo and was in awe of me. He knew from the moment he seen me that without question, I am the person to be serving. I engaged him in conversation to learn more about his experience as a slave as well as his weaknesses and he tributed me. However, it all seemed mundane to me. So to mix it up, I incorporated the use of into the weekly tributes. Muscle slave told me with his busy schedule that he can only tribute on the weekends and once a week, which is perfectly fine with me. To make his long term slavery service to me more exciting, I created a tribute schedule based on the law of diminishing returns. His initial tribute to me was a very high one which I believe to be in the upper hundreds. Each week, I made him log into and enter last week’s tribute amount as the maximum number. Then based upon my thought process, I would tell him what the minimum number would be and he would input it. Then I would command him to click generate. Whichever number his luck drew for him would be the amount he was to tribute to me. Then the next week, the same process would occur with last week’s tribute being the high and I would set a new low. Needless to say, this method put muscle slave (I’m not sure if he’s muscular, I just know he has a weakness for muscles; hence, the name) into the hall of fame very quickly. Most of the time he has been unlucky, sometimes getting a number only notches down from last week’s amount. Either way, I win this game every time. I look forward to seeing how this game plays out as we’re still in the hundreds and my slave truly wants to show dedication to me by moving higher up in the hall of fame ranks.


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