Now Accepting BitCoins

Posted: April 13, 2013 in Uncategorized

After doing some research online, I’ve decided to expand what forms of tribute I accept and am now accepting BitCoins for tribute. If you don’t know what those are they are a new form of currency in the world but they are entirely digital. You can either buy BitCoins with cash (better idea would be to save yourself trouble and just give me the cash) or you can mine for BitCoins if you have the capabilities. If all of this is foreign to you, then stick to the regular tributes you give me since I ultimately prefer those more than any other forms. However, if you already have BitCoins in your wallet or have mined some, then you’re in luck because I am now accepting them.

My BitCoin address is 1LX41f9brrVo3vAsvfaVvMmGUFb8jY9zxk

Also, I was approached recently to post content to a website where users can buy audio clips, pictures, or videos. If slaves are looking to buy pictures of me, they can be found here:

Based on my initial use of the site, it is similar to NiteFlirt in that digital content is sold. However, they also have a video chat room on the site, which slaves might see me in there if I’m not busy draining slaves of money, gifts, and now BitCoins.

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