25th Birthday is Approaching

Posted: May 22, 2013 in Uncategorized

***UPDATE: Fakes page has been updated with the newest time waster***

Next month on June 23rd, I’ll be turning 25. I expect tons of tributes from my slaves and followers that month to honor my birthday. However, this time I feel like giving back while also draining all of you. On June 1st, I will do a group cash rape online. Any and all slaves are welcome to attend. It’ll be from 12:30 AM – 2:30 AM eastern time and tributes are expected. Since the quality on TinyChat isn’t always the best, I’ll be doing this group cash draining from the In-Charge.net Lounge (that’s a video chat room like the one on Dominants). Any slaves wanting to see me on webcam in there on that date will have to be signed up to that site to enter.

Slaves can tribute before or during the live video chat. I will accept all the regular forms of tribute and I will even accept slaves who buy my content from my store that night as a form of tribute. Don’t plead with me and bring up about some night many months ago where you tributed me and think I’m going to accept that for this group cash draining. That’s not acceptable to me. So start saving up now and get prepared to be drained in front of other slaves as I flex on cam. If this goes well, I may do another group session like this one.



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