Rocking New Sneakers

Posted: June 3, 2013 in Uncategorized
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A new slave of mine, one who is purely motivated in pleasing me financially, did a small early birthday tribute to me via my Amazon wishlist. He purchased for me some new green Nike sneakers that were listed at the highest priority on my wishlist. In addition, he tributed me several Hurley tank tops which should be arriving any day now. I expect many more tributes from him soon. Pictured below are the sneakers which he tributed to me. With my quick thinking, I decided to use his tribute to my financial advantage. In my portfolio on, I’m now selling 6 exclusive pictures of myself wearing those newly purchased sneakers. So click the picture below to check out all 6 pictures as well as my other items available for purchase.



The slave who purchased those items for me as well as a few other slaves have told me that they would be more interested in buying me higher end items rather than the moderately priced items on my Amazon wishlist. So, since there is a demand for it, I have a second wishlist for my slaves with more disposable income. My higher end Nordstrom’s wishlist can be found here. It works just the same as an Amazon wishlist, only that I can add 150 items at a time. So start clearing it to allow me to add more.

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