Spanking New Gifts

Posted: February 15, 2014 in Uncategorized

I’ve been absent from the whole blogging realm for a while but finally have been able to manage my time to get back into doing this sort of thing again. Mainly my time has been consumed with assisting some friends in designing and doing some coding work on I definitely recommend that my slaves check it out and buy some of my pictures and videos on there. However, just because I’ve not had time to commit to writing witty and stimulating banter on here doesn’t mean that I haven’t had time to dominate my slaves.

Just yesterday, on Valentine’s day no less, an Amazon wishlist tribute arrived to my door in the form of a jockstrap from a slave who begged me to place one on my Amazon wishlist. I never put a jockstrap on my wishlist prior to this because essentially I’d have no where to wear it other than on webcam for my slaves and fans. So I decided it would be a fun way to show off more and decided to add 2 different styles to my Amazon list. Slaves have been begging me for months to add one and finally a lucky slave made the leap to purchase one from my list. Below are some pictures showing how it looks on me. The same night I posted some teaser pictures of myself in it and the slaves came out in full force begging for cam shows to see me in the jockstrap. So I spent Valentine’s day making slaves weaker than they already were for me. Additionally I included some other pictures from tributes I’ve received since my last blog post several months ago.

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