NiteFlirt is a scam – Don’t join until you read my Review!

Posted: May 9, 2014 in Uncategorized
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I spend a fair amount of time posting about the fake, time wasting slaves who I encounter on a weekly basis on my fakes page. However, I don’t focus on who the “fake” masters are in this scene. When I use the term “fake”, I don’t mean posting a fake shoe size, adding a few inches to your height, pretending you’re younger than you are, or even pretending you have a different sexual preference. Those are tiny fibs and don’t detract from who the actual person a slave is talking to really represents. When I say “fake”, I’m talking about the men who use phony pictures either from adult blogs, Tumblr, Instagram, or other social media sites and pretend that the guy in the picture is really him. Now, where does NiteFlirt fit into this scheme?

A few months ago, I was scoping out places to sell my pictures and videos to my slaves / fans so that they could tribute me even when I wasn’t online. I wanted a popular website that is reputable and has a good reputation. So, I looked at NiteFlirt and signed up because it seemed like so many other guys were already on there and I wanted to give it a shot. Immediately when I signed up, they didn’t ask for any proof that I was 18 years old or that I really was who I said I was when I joined. For a reputable site, this immediately raised a red flag with me. The thing they did ask for to verify my age was a credit card number. If I wanted to, I could easily give anyone’s credit card number to join. Also what seemed odd was why would they want my credit card number when I don’t intend on buying anything, I just intend on selling stuff?

Ultimately I never followed through with the posting of my content and instead decided to use to post my pictures and videos for sale. In-Charge at least asked for photo identification and assisted with the registration and upload process to make everything simple and legitimate. So, as I was contemplating my own greatness, I had a thought last night. I wonder how many guys on NiteFlirt are actually using fake pictures and making money from deception, since NiteFlirt is asleep at the wheel with making sure its users are interacting with real people.

Thus, I went to NiteFlirt and viewed the first 5 pages of guys online. I did a reverse image search of each one to see if their pictures appeared on any other websites. If you’re unfamiliar with a reverse image search, Google allows you to post a URL of an image or the actual saved image and it will scour the internet for possible matches. After viewing the first 5 pages, nearly 40% of the profiles listed were using fake pictures. Why would any slaves want to use a site where some loser has to resort to using fake pics to make slaves tribute him? Below are my findings:

NiteFlirt Scam

NiteFlirt scam 2  NiteFlirt fraud

NiteFlirt ripoffNiteFlirt con-artists

The most hilarious part is where some of these fake pictures come from on the internet. As you can see above, most come from Tumblr, stock photo websites, or gay porn blogs, but one person used a picture of a SuperCuts haircut ad and another is using pics of NFL free agent, Bret Lockett. Now these example above are only what Google images could verify. I have my suspicions that some of those other profiles are fake as well but Google wasn’t able to find matches at the present time. Therefore, my earlier estimate of there being nearly 40% of fake profiles over the course of 5 pages, could actually be slightly higher. Yet, NiteFlirt sticks by these business practices of deception by labeling the site as “for entertainment purposes only” which they don’t care because they’re still making money from it. So I’ll stick to using so that my fans / slaves know that its really me they’re buying pics / videos from when they decide to do so. I suggest that any slaves or readers reading this blog post, do the same for themselves and see that my claims are valid. Reverse image search the profiles and see what you get as a result. Below is a gallery (not in gif format) of my findings mentioned earlier.

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  1. Denise says:

    Hello,I’ve also been screwed by this guy from niteflirt.Didn’t really check to see if they where legit, I only was thinking about making some easy cash. What made me skeptical is that when I ask how can I access my account. He told me, leave that all up to him.All I need was to answer calls then they would send me information about what I’m getting paid. This is so low down they want a woman to talk to guys listen to all this weird shit just so they get paid and you get nothing. I’m not wasting my time making money for someone else.Thats really stupid. Where do people get the nerves to use other people to make money for themselves. And I never recieve any payment for the work I did.Which makes me kinda of upset but I’ll get over it.And I hope that this guy gets what he deserve for using women to make money for hisself what a loser and a jerk.Beware women I responding to his add on so dont get fooled.

  2. Yes at Niteflirt they are scammers like that Ebbe Altberg who used to be the boss at Niteflirt phonesex. Ebbe Altberg who runs the scam company Niteflirt is now the CEO of Linden Lab a virtual world VR company.

    Since Ebbe Altberg who used to be the boss at Niteflirt phone sex is running the virtual world company of Second Life the place is going downhill very fast.

    Ebbe Altberg of the Niteflirt scam phone company is also scamming people with Linden Lab and Second Life

  3. NiteFlirt is a fake site . They are showing fake women picture and taking money and not provide service. all are misguiding the customer. my advice to file a vigilance case aginst them.

  4. Niteflirt is a scam says:

    Yes, I have to finally admit it. Niteflirt is a scam.
    They locked me out of my account and then became me. My listing is still up with someone else talking to my callers. Now I see how the bidding system works. They make us bid against their fake accounts to drain our money. I also believe they are threatening me to keep my mouth shut.

    Please someone list real phone sex sites.

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