Perfect by Design

Posted: May 15, 2014 in Uncategorized

Tons of slaves ask me, what do you do while you’re online? Surely anyone couldn’t think that I chat with slaves every minute that I’m online. Typically, when chatting with slaves, I keep high paying slaves in my stable at all times. So in other words, when I drain slaves it’s usually for large cash rapes at lower repetitions rather than the “I’ll drain you for lunch money tribute” guys who will focus all of their energy on small lunch money sized tributes at a more rapid rate. Therefore, I typically have more free time to focus on more pressing matters such as managing, promoting, designing, recruiting, and administrative work related to the websites I operate.

When I’m able to allot more free time after completing those tasks and draining slaves, I can devote that allotment of time to posting to this blog and adding photo effects to my pictures to make them standout more from the pack. Below are some examples of the newest pictures I had time to update and enhance. You can see which picture I started some initial creative skills with and where I began to expand upon that throughout each picture. Just another indication of my superior abilities. Therefore, enjoy the free pictures below, slaves. Don’t forget to keep buying from my Amazon wishlist as well.

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