What Do I Expect From Slaves?

Posted: June 9, 2014 in Uncategorized

Lots of times my slaves, fans, or admirers will contact me and appear totally lost in regards to how to direct the conversation with me. Therefore, most of the time I will have to guide the conversation along with my own questions. 90% of the time, the people who message me engulf themselves in such nervousness that they clam up when they chat with me and sometimes this shyness forces them to not serve because they’re too scared. Therefore, I decided to put together a brief guide on how you should approach me so that everything runs smoothly. The idea for this list came about when an inferior messaged me and had to be taught on how to communicate with a superior like myself.

  1. Have a purpose for messaging me
    When you message me, chances are extremely high that I will ask you about what you seek. Many people initiate a conversation with me via Yahoo or Skype and when I confront them with this question, they reply back with an “I don’t know”. Something must’ve given you the courage and the urge to contact me so tell me. I don’t mind the compliments meaning if you contacted me just to tell me how perfect I am then that is perfectly fine, but do realize that the conversation will be a short one if that is the only reason you messaged me. Ultimately I am seeking a tribute from you. In exchange you should be willing to tell me what you can offer me and then offer it. I will then reward you not based entirely on the amount but based on how you approach me. Rewards can include pictures, my attention, or the chance to let you see me on cam.
  2. Don’t call me “buddy”, “man”, “pal”, or “guy”
    If this is your first time messaging me, don’t refer to me as any of those names. You will be told about it 1 time and that will be the only time. Since it is your first time contacting me, we’re not on a level where I will accept you saying, “Hey man” to me. If I refer to you as slave and you don’t like that name, I will allow you to speak up and tell me that you don’t consider yourself a slave. Most people who contact me refer to me as Sir, Master, Boss, King, God, or just simply CashGod. When contacting me, you can use any of those previously mentioned names or use the name on my profile from whichever site you found my contact information.
  3. Don’t ask Me what I can do for you
    I’m not here to perform for you. I enjoy showing off, being dominant, and taking charge. Those who contact me for the first time will ask me, “What can you (meaning me, Cashgod) do for me (meaning the person contacting me)”. This is not how you phrase a question to someone like me. I don’t perform for you but I will show off my perfection if I feel it was earned and needed. Even though I am a model on some webcam sites, it doesn’t mean I sit here to perform for you. Some members in those chat rooms have even told me they feel I am rude and have an attitude; this is just my dominant personality. If we’re on a comfortable enough level and I feel you earned a reward, I might ask what makes you the weakest whether it is my feet, ass, muscles, etc. and will show that particular part.
  4. Don’t ask me a million questions before you tribute me
    I’m okay with people asking me basic and general questions so that they know me better. I’m even okay if you agree to tribute me and ask if I will do some specific on cam as your reward. It will ultimately be up to me as to whether or not I agree to do it and I will tell you upfront before you tribute. However when you agree to tribute and I agree to go on webcam as your reward, don’t keep asking me a million questions about how the session will work. Questions I’ve been asked which annoy me are: “Does your webcam broadcast in HD?”, “Is your room well lit?”, “Does your microphone work?”, “Are you sure you can flex on webcam?”, “Can we test out your webcam first?”. Don’t ask me basic questions like those questions. If there would be technical difficulties when my cam starts, they will be fixed immediately and it will not take away from the time I will allow you to worship me.
  5. Get to the point
    If you want verbal abuse, if you want me to pretend to be the devil, if you want me to ignore you on cam, if you want a close up of my big toe, just come out and say it. I won’t be freaked out by requests. I’ve heard them all and could probably write a book about all of the things people have wanted to see me do or hear me say on webcam. Will I honor all requests? NO. Will I block you if the request is “strange”? NO. If it is something vile, I will not do it. However, don’t be too afraid to speak up and get to the point as to what is your weakness or fetish and I’m sure we can make some sort of arrangement.

Those are the only points which I can think of lately that have been brought up by various people who have contacted me. Now the following is my latest picture for all of you to admire.


  1. Miss Lily says:

    I LOVE it !!!
    I should start posting guidelines for subs to follow when contacting me.

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