Posted: September 2, 2014 in Uncategorized
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Many slaves message me and talk about the various fetishes they have whether they’re addicted to feet, muscles, or just being dominated. However, some times my dominance brings in those slaves who are truly awful human beings, if you can even call them human. I’m not talking about the slaves who do amusing things on webcam or the ones who might have weird fetishes. Those particular slaves are intelligent because they are submitting to me and not someone who doesn’t deserve a tribute. The slaves I’m talking about are the ones who have drug addictions.

Last week, a slave messaged me and this slave has wasted my time in the past. For that reason, I would not allow this slave to order items from my wishlist or send me any kind of cash tributes so that they wouldn’t be canceled and my time wasted again. Thus, I decided to force this slave to send me UnderArmour e-gift cards so that I knew they wouldn’t be canceled. This particular slave has a huge meth addiction. Drug users and the low life people of this Earth disgust me. I gladly drained this slave of several hundred dollars so that he could prove to me that he isn’t going to waste my time again and because this will make him go broke so that he doesn’t have money for meth. If you think about it, you could say that my draining of drug addicted slaves is the best thing that could happen to them because they won’t have money to buy the drugs that ruin their lives. Although, I’m sure this slave might resort to sucking dicks for money so that he can buy drugs again. Oh well, at least I got some UnderArmour gift cards out of it.

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