What We Learn with Pleasure, We Never Forget

Posted: September 6, 2014 in Uncategorized
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More often than not, slaves will message me with fears regarding the amounts they tribute to me. Their fear stems from an association between giving up money and pain. For example, someone who bets a large sum of money and loses it feels pain and emptiness afterwards because they experienced a loss which leaves them no longer feeling whole anymore. When slaves express this concern to me, I know where I must begin the training with this slave. I begin to make my slaves associate pleasure with tributing me. It’s this association which will retrain their brain into forgetting the school of thought which they were previously taught and instill a new mindset. This method of training usually involves me instructing the slave to associate masturbation and cumming with tributing. Allowing a slave to masturbate or cum only after he presents me with a tribute represents one of the most basic examples of this type of training. Over time, the slave will start to associate cumming and masturbating with tributing which means every time his urges take over, he’ll need to tribute so that he can reach pleasure. Otherwise, he’ll start to feel empty when he cums without tributing.

Last week, I encountered a slave which I implemented this training technique with via Skype. Most of the time, I do not explicitly tell the slave my intentions or plans during our sessions. By doing so, it allows me to train the slave better and develop trust. The slave I used this method on last week also enjoyed humiliation. His enjoyment of humiliation showed me that he has trained his brain to embrace humiliation as a turn on for himself. Thus, I used this to my advantage and gave him commands on how to humiliate himself after each tribute. He wore a leather mask during the entire session and fried his brain on poppers at my command. The items he had within his reach for the session were: plastic wrap, clothespins, nipple clamps, a ball gag, a smelly boot, black plastic wrap, a small weight, and duct tape. To prevent him from cumming quickly during our session, I instructed him to duct tape his entire dick after his first tribute to me. From that point, I made him place clothespins on his body and smack them off one by one, attach the nipple clamps and tug on them, wrap the plastic wrap around his head (Making sure he poked large holes so he could breathe of course. This was just to prevent him from seeing me.), sniff poppers, sniff the fumes from his smelly boot, then finally after his final tribute to me he was allowed to removed the duct tape. However, he had to wrap the black plastic wrap around his dick with another end wrapped around the weight so that it hung from his dick and balls. The slave then had my permission to cum within 20 seconds. He lost control within only 5 seconds. Now this slave can begin to associate the pleasures he feels with tributing a dominant alpha male.

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