Skrill, a new form of slavery

Posted: December 21, 2014 in Uncategorized
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As I keep up with the trends and think of new ways to control my slaves, I’m proud to announce that I now accept Skrill as a form of tribute. Therefore, slaves who only use Skrill can now tribute me with less hassle. I enjoy all of these forms of electronic payment processing which my slaves use to tribute me.

Some slaves have expressed to me that the idea of online cash slavery is very impersonal because it doesn’t allow for actual interaction between master and slave. In my opinion, I agree and disagree with this statement. If a slave tributes those other so-called “masters” then it could appear as impersonal. However, I take the time to learn the inner thoughts of each of my slaves before I get into intense cash rapes with them. I learn their fears, weaknesses, desires, and pleasures. Afterward, I utilize that information to my advantage to further weaken and drain my slaves. It is almost as if once the slaves shares those covert secrets of their lives to me, they slowly begin a process of dehumanization. The reason I’ve come to this conclusion is because I’ve realize that once the slave shares his deepest desires with me, it is at that moment that he is most human and real. Beyond that point, there is nothing left for him to share with me and he is treated accordingly. The slave is then treated like a wallet and the dehumanization process begins. Like a wallet, the most dehumanized of slaves is a just a piece of skin which holds credit cards. If someone found a wallet which had nothing of value in it, then that person wouldn’t want that wallet. It would just be a piece of dried out skin or hide. It is only the wallets that have the most valuables attached to them that are the most sought after in the world. This now leaves me to ask all of those slaves reading this, what value do you possess for me?

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