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In some of my less serious cash drain sessions (ones that aren’t major rapes or involve extreme tactics), I like to get deep into the minds of my slaves to a degree that borders on hypnosis. Many times, the things I say to slaves during sessions will have significantly influential effects on their mindset and thought process whether it’s phrases I use or repeated words. I’ve encountered many slaves who had verbal triggers that made them even more submissive or even more mindless under my control. One particular slave of mine that is weakened by my verbal cues is slave B.

Slave B has been serving me for a fairly long time by providing me with Amazon gift card codes as his tribute. Sometimes if he doesn’t have a card, he’ll beg for a session knowing that he’ll owe me more for it the next day to which I oblige sometimes. Over time in our sessions, I’ve developed phrases with him that trigger his mental state to become more malleable. I will even make him repeat these phrases over and over again in our sessions so that they stick in his mind more. During our session, I will remind him that “I am everything and you are nothing” to which I’ll make him repeat that back to me from his point of view – “you are everything and I am nothing” he’ll repeat to me. Depending on my mood that day, I might make him keep saying it over and over for 30 seconds up to 2 minutes straight. I’ll then interrupt and let him know when he can stop repeating the phrase.

I’ve also come to the conclusion with slave B that he is good for four things: being my slave, doing what I tell him, working to earn income, and being my wallet. Those are the four essentials to his life. I like to think of those as commandments of sorts or tenants to live by for all submissives that I own. Submissives that I own should strive to be good at being my slave above all things. Being a slave is something which submissives are born to do and if they aren’t good at what they were born to do, what use are they? Next, they should be good at doing what I tell them. This falls under the umbrella of taking orders. To be good at being a slave, one should also be good at taking and following commands. These two tenants tie together. Third is to be good at working to earn income. A slave should not only take orders from me and produce results but also from the boss at his profession. I want to see all of my slaves succeed and achieve their maximum potential and this is something they should want as well. Lastly is where it all ties together, a slave should be good at being my wallet. All four of these proclamations tie together. If a submissive falters in one area, he falters in them all. If I demand a tribute and a slave cannot tribute he has (1) shown he’s not a good wallet, (2) shows he cannot do what I tell him, (3) isn’t a good slave, and (4) must not be good at earning income if he cannot tribute. Thus to ultimately be a true submissive, one must abide by the four proclamations which I have set forth. In my sessions with slave B, I’ll ask him each time, “what are the four things that you’re good for?” And he will say each one. I like to do this as a constant reminder so that he never forgets and now is your turn to constantly remember these four essentials to being a true submissive.

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Price of Gold

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Back at the end of March, one of my more loyal slaves begged me to advance my ownership of him and for us to take the dynamic to the next level. This slave who I will identify as “worm”, expressed to me his belief that once he has consumed his master’s piss, he would be totally owned. I was extremely intrigued by the idea because I have never given a slave my piss before. I have mailed socks and underwear but nothing that actually ever came from me. After chatting more, I decided to add in my toe nail clippings as well. However, what should be the price for all of this?

Upon chatting more about it, my worm slave kept referring to my piss as gold and that it should literally be worth gold. Thus, we came to the conclusion that an ounce of my piss should be priced at the cost of an ounce of gold. After factoring in the toenails and shipping, we came to the conclusion of $1,400 in total for the package that would change worm slave’s life forever. Worm slave told me this was the most excited he has ever been in a long time. Unfortunately, my toe nails weren’t ready to be clipped yet. I wanted my toe nails to grow longer so my worm slave could fully enjoy them.

After about 2 weeks, it was time to clip my toenails and prepare worm’s package. Once on Skype, I told worm that we’re ready to proceed and he sent the tribute in full. As a reward and to get him hyped up, I let  him watch me clip my toenails on webcam. I clipped them and placed each one in a plain white envelope which I wrote “WORM” on the front.


Worm asked if he could watch me prepare his bottle of piss as well but I told him that I cannot take my webcam in the bathroom and that I had planned on preparing this element after the gym the following day. Thus, after the gym on the following day, I prepared an ounce of “gold” for my worm. To ensure the bottle didn’t leak while being shipped, I added in a pair of sweaty used socks that I wore in the gym as a last minute bonus (worm still had to tribute for these too). Then it was off to be delivered to worm.


On April 18th, the package finally arrived for my worm. I allowed him to open the package on Skype while I recorded all of it. Upon opening the package, worm discovered the black UnderArmour gym socks which he pressed tightly against his nose to sniff my foot sweat. Next, worm discovered the envelope with his name on it and then the bottle of my “gold”. To me, all of this seemed like watching your child open presents on Christmas morning. Worm then proceeded to open the envelope of my toenails. In order to satisfy his appetite, he took one and placed it in his mouth. He then opened the bottle of piss and took big swig of it and gulped down my piss and toenail.

Worm described the taste as a sweet flavor, which may have been due to my sweet pre-workout drink which I consumed prior to preparing the piss. My worm at that moment became the very first slave to have my DNA inside of him. It was one of the ultimate forms of submission. I now officially have full control of my worm slave at that point. Every Wednesday from April 18th until just of last week, I have been allowing my worm to eat 1 toe nail clipping and take one swig of my piss. Finally he finished his last serving of my piss last week. I look forward to continuing to own my worm slave and furthering this ownership even more in the future.

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In my many years of draining slaves, I have encountered slaves of all types of income levels as well as experience levels. I always engage each of my slaves and inquire as to their ability to tribute in relation to their income level. Many times I will create a budget for my slaves to follow so that they can tribute while still managing their lives. It’s paramount to me to ensure each of my slaves are successful in life. When I own a successful slave, he is able to tribute and serve long term while is the ultimate goal. However, I will get some who message me that are fake slaves.

One instance was last night from a slave who messaged me on Skype claiming to have found my Skype ID from After some initial introductions, he stated that his fetish is to see his master’s armpits. He seemed to be wasting my time after his hesitation to tribute but he eventually sent $50. Roughly two minutes into the cam session of me showing off and making him worship my armpits on cam, he closed his cam and blocked me on Skype. This prompted me to begin researching who he is on to which I discovered his pattern is to lie to masters and never tribute according to the comments on his Dominants profile. However, since my original blog post about him, he has tributed over $500 to clear his name with me and to prove himself of not being worthy of me.

In drastic contrast to this fag, I have an immense number of loyal slaves who truly understand what it means to submit to an alpha like me. Not too long ago, I decided to accept cash tributes directly in the mail as one form of tribute but only for certain slaves which I trust. One lucky cash fag whom I’ll call slave dick (he was previously mentioned here, has been allowed to utilize this option to tribute me. He pays his fag tax which is a percentage of his paycheck and mails it directly to me. To showcase his tributes, I decided to make a video documenting the cash I get from him and my other fag slaves. In the first part of this video, I count out a significant portion of the cash he has sent me. In the final part of the video, I count more fag cash which comprises a portion of my savings account. That pile of cash consists of all $100 bills totaling $5000. Slaves can’t stop just handing over their hard earned cash to me. Now it’s your turn hand over some cash and download this video here:

One of my favorite cash fags messaged me not too long ago about my previous blog post. He felt weak reading how I used mini slave in my last blog post that he had the urge to serve me. Usually when I use this fag, he always has poppers with him and this time was no different. Once we began the cash draining session, the weak fag begged to have me control him via Teamviewer. Once inside his computer, I made him join my new website,, so that his credit card would automatically be billed every month as a form of tribute to me. After successfully registering him to my website with his credit card, I made the cash fag grab his poppers. He had poppers, tit clamps, and chewing tobacco which he stuffed in his mouth on Skype. However, this drain session was different from the rest.

The cash fag, while buzzed from his poppers, suggested that he shouldn’t be allowed to see what I take from him during the session. I promptly agreed that this is a great idea and after he adjusted some settings on his end, we were ready. As I was in the cash fag’s computer through Teamviewer, I opened up the payment page on my preferred tribute method while the cash fag watched. Then suddenly, I clicked the button to black out his screen and I also disabled remote input. He couldn’t see anything or control his mouse or keyboard at this point but could only hear the sound of my voice. I instructed him to sniff his poppers as I took my cash tribute. Once I finished taking my tribute, I minimized the payment window, maximized my Skype webcam, then turned off the black out option. The cash fag had no idea how much I just took from him because all he could see plastered on his computer screen was my webcam.

I could sense the fear within him at this point as I saw it on his face but he knew and still knows deep down inside this is the right thing to do and trusts my judgement. He then placed his tit clamps on and pulled them when I commanded. Afterward, he packed his chewing tobacco into his fag mouth and spit the dirty, brown slobber all down his chest. After some I did some flexing, it was now time to drain some more. I continued to do this pattern of blacking out his computer screen, ordering him to sniff poppers, taking a tribute, turning his screen back on, then ordering him to abuse himself a handful of times. To make things even more interesting, I went to my Amazon wishlist while on his computer and I told him that I’m going to add a ton of items to his shopping cart but I’m going to make my final decision as to what items I want while his screen is blacked out. I make sure to add the most expensive items from my wishlist to the shopping cart first, then I added some moderately priced items and some low priced items. I let him see the cart total is close to $1,000. His screen now goes black and I let him know that I may keep all of the items, I might only delete a handful from the shopping cart, or I might delete most from the shopping cart and he won’t be aware until after our session.

The session didn’t last long as the fag had no idea how much I took and he was wasted on poppers. In the end, it was a big cash rape worth several hundred in cash and one drain at the end of some Amazon gifts. I look forward to blacking out more cash slave computers in the near future and taking them beyond the breaking point.

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Roughly for the past 2 years, a slave who I will refer to as Mini Slave has been serving me off-and-on, craving to shrink to my power. This particular slave’s fantasy focuses on being shrunk down to the size of a grain of rice as I tower over him and take total control of him. He imagines himself one day residing in my belly button and looking up at my abs as if they’re colossal mountains for him to climb once he has fully shrunk to the size he should ultimately become after I shrink his life and his bank account. I never put too much time or effort into this particular slave because his average tribute was, like his self-perception, small (with the exception of a few sessions).

However, earlier this week, Mini Slave messaged me on Skype and begged to serve me again so that he could shrink even further. Mini Slave informed me that he was currently at a party and begged to tribute me while at the party. Tributing me while at a party embodies true devotion from a slave. Nothing should stand in your way of serving me whether the obstacle represents itself in your social life, work, or other obligations because ultimately I come before all of those external matters. Imagining himself shrinking more and more, Mini Slave begged to see pictures of my stomach after he sent each tribute. The pictures were a visual reinforcement tool to remind him that I was eating up his cash and could very well eat him if I chose to do so. One of Mini Slave’s fantasies involves him as a piece of food on my dinner plate and running in fear from my fork as it plunges down and picks up food which I’m about to devour. As I continued to send more pictures to Mini Slave, the tributes started growing in size as his bank account and financial state began shrinking in size.

Mini Slave begged me to go on cam for him while he sat at his friend’s party. While on Skype, Mini Slave maintained discretion from his friends and concealed his phone, so the party-goers couldn’t see him watching me flex. He begged to see more of my toned and ripped stomach so the hypnosis would take over as he envisioned himself being devoured by it. During this time, I heard the loud music and laughter from the party while Mini Slave shut the external noise out of his consciousness and his shrinking for me represented his only focus. By the end of the night, Mini Slave tributed over $1,000 to show his devotion to me. The next day, Mini Slave admitted he experienced a massive buzz from alcohol, but still fully aware of his actions from the night before, and expressed he truly did the right thing. Mini Slave fully proved himself to me as a serious slave worthy of more of my attention and going forward I will devote more time and attention to using him and getting deeper into his mind.

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It’s been a long time since I’ve updated my blog, but I’ve been so busy draining fag slaves and working on various projects that I just didn’t have time to post any updates or stories about my exploits. However, it is now time to update this page again about my latest endeavor. Over the past few weeks, I’ve been developing and designing my own membership website for my cash slaves which can be found at

This new membership website for my loyal cash fags will be a place where slaves can pay to worship all of my photos as a shrine. gives my slaves and new slaves the opportunity to access every picture I’ve ever taken for a monthly fee. These picture galleries will be regularly updated and will be a reminded of why I am superior to you. It will give my cash slaves a purpose and inspire them to keep serving. Also included in the membership is a slave application form. New slaves can now apply to join my stable and properly introduce themselves to me without the pressures of a live interaction on Skype by using the new site’s Slave Application form. Upon completion of the form, I will get an email from the slave and contact him if I’m interested. The free portion of the website consists of two draining tools which I use in some cash drains: random number generator and wheel decide. Both of these draining tools have been mentioned here in the past and can be tested for free on

The reason I decided to create this new site is to add an additional tribute method for slaves in this already growing world of payment processing. The easiest part about this is that when a slave joins the new site, he will be automatically billed each month for his membership to the site. Cash slaves can think of this as a monthly fag tax that will be charged monthly. For slaves not wanting that monthly commitment, there is a one-time tribute button on the website as well. Over time more features and tribute options will be added to my website but this blog will never go away. The blog you are reading now is the #1 cash master ranked blog on Google, so this will always stay here. The membership site will serve as mainly a tribute collecting service with the previously mentioned features included.

Slaves can pay for their recurring monthly memberships either by credit card or PayPal. If there are slaves hoping that I may have access to their financial information or billing information when they join, unfortunately I will not have access to this information since it’s processed through a third party. Therefore, slaves who want to impress me or slaves who do not have a tribute method which I accept can now go to and join this very moment to begin a recurring monthly tribute to me.


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Several months ago, a slave contacted me via Skype and verbalized extreme interest in learning more about how I drain my cash slaves. After I recalled various draining sessions, this ATM slave exhibited immense excitement regarding the idea of blackmail control while he also detailed his various perverted and depraved fetishes to me. At that moment, I warned him of the type of commitment, the hefty price, and the massive risk associated with blackmail servitude. Plus the most important fact of all: there is no escape once you agree to the terms. Typically whenever I enter into a blackmail contract with a cashfag, I make sure to establish the length of the contract, required monthly payments, and any other criteria for the contract. When determining the monthly amount, I sometimes require proof of a slave’s income and assets so I can determine a large enough tribute amount; an amount that not only is possible for the slave to tribute each month but one that also hurts enough causing the cash slave to feel the squeeze of my control. I strongly believe all people should be held accountable for their words and actions and, once bargained, all details of an agreement should be followed by both parties.

After chatting some more, I pieced together the information from our chat and deduced this cash slave’s identity. I then collected an information trail regarding his life and career. The more esteemed a slave happens to be in his career, or recognized for something, the easier it is to track him down via online resources. ATM slave began to feel the reality of what he was about to embark upon and it delivered a rush of fear, excitement, and curiosity throughout his core. Once ATM slave and myself agreed to the conditions of our 6 month blackmail contract, it was set in stone. I again reminded him that there is no escape at this point because, if he fails to live up to his side of the agreement, then I have no obligation on my end to keep his information secure and private.

The 6 month blackmail contract consisted of regular monthly payments in the thousands. This is because the severity of exposure should carry a substantial price as it can signal the end of career, relationships, and family life. Thus, blackmail contracts should not be taken lightly. However, I don’t let anyone jump into these situations and I make sure to administer extreme vetting before allowing a slave to enter into these types of contracts.

As time went on, ATM slave felt the pressure and guilt of what he committed himself to doing but still felt the thrilling rush of serving an alpha cash master and feeling my tight control each month on his daily life. As of last week, ATM slave fulfilled all aspects of his blackmail contract and delivered his final month’s payment. ATM slave updated me that he plans to seek counseling with the help of a psychologist to analyze himself but, based on my nearly decade of experience draining slaves, I am certain he will return. Too many slaves want to run from their submissive feelings by recalling some learned notion that pleasure should carry guilt with it, but in actuality they should stop running and embrace these urges under the management of an experienced master like myself.

ATM slaves final payment:



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