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  1. runt maur says:

    excellent site, SIR. look forward to seeing more of YOUR MAGNIFICENCE.

  2. faggot john says:

    Sir, You are magnificent!

  3. velasMonet says:

    Just read Slave Profile 4 – Blackmail slave, and was overwhelmed by the beauty of the total worship and devotion and surrender You deserve! …and also sad at the desperation that came through in the time limit he placed on his offer. It made it sound disingenuous, and made You come through like You were a placeholder. I do not think he intended it or thought it through that the time limit would mean he would serve anyone who jumped through this hoop for him, no matter how self-effacing the offerer appears to be. But I will always remember the beauty in the total surrender!

    Thank You for posting it, Sir!


  4. Tyler says:

    awesome Master. truly you are the BEST to worship

  5. Dominique says:

    you are hot !!!!! And really attractive !!!! I crave to be your slave……

  6. faggot slave queerboy says:

    my God, this is “ueerboy” i am afraid of Your anger, i am afraid of Your Power and Strength, You are a REAL MAN and i don’t know how to handle that sometimes. Please, i rely completely on Your Divine Mercy and Compassion. You are the Perfect Man, surely You can be gentle as well as brutal.

  7. it feels good to $erve you Cashgod. I realize I need to submit to you. you are ALPHA. a true GOD.
    There is no comparison to your perfection.

  8. canesub says:

    I have joined with you as another piece of dirt in the UK
    who needs to do your bidding. Those gorgeous man pix.
    I just wish I could be on the ground before you pushing
    notes into your beautiful, beautiful, underpants Sir.

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