These screen names on Yahoo should be avoided at all costs. These are slaves who claim to pay but never follow through and merely waste the time of real men. Also, I am aware the time wasters can make multiple screen names, so it will be noted in the descriptions if the loser goes by various names and hopefully the miscellaneous information will help people identify the current aliases these losers are going by on Yahoo.

Format reads as follows: Yahoo screen name (other alias) – Offense – Miscellaneous Information

  • tom.foster (Tom Foster) – Claimed to have PayPal ready if I could show my sneakers on cam, which I did. Loser closed out after wanking it and never sent a tribute. Also, says he wants you to control his PC then pretends he can’t see you on cam – His profile name on Mastersjustice is SlaveboiTom and has another Yahoo account under the name dogslave3636 (David Chapman).Pic: 
  • pattino2003 (Lorenzo Rossi) – Claimed to have PayPal and was ready to serve but signed out and never messaged back. Also goes by lateo666@live.it – Into feet
  • slaveforurboot – After multiple times of asking me questions on various occasions the slave signs out when it comes time to paying on Paypal – 26 y/o from the Middle East
  • joel3289 (Joel H) – showed the slaves my feet on cam and it disappeared, most likely after rubbing its tiny clit – claims to have both Amazon and Paypal. As always, maintains a fetish for shoes / feet
  • xtomin759 – claims to want to tribute large sums of cash but goes silent when it comes time to pay – works as a lawyer in France and takes a train to work everyday
  • personalurinal4u  – has you log into teamviewer to cash rape it then closes out as you type in the amount – I didn’t have the chance to take a screen shot of him but he’s an old guy with white / blonde looking short hair and wears glasses. He resides in Florida.
  • alexharder – wants to hear your voice as you talk him through what you’re doing once you log on his computer with teamviewer then closes out before the payment is processed. This occurred multiple times – The slave goes by various screen names but at the moment I don’t have those listed. One of the other screen names on yahoo this slave goes by is waltersjim46. He wants you to tell him to sit back and be stupid while you log into his PC with teamviewer but never pays. His teamviewer numbers are 278482508 and password is 7442. Obviously that is probably changed as I type this information. He messaged me again wanting the same thing but now under the yahoo name: jjp19811. Then minutes after posting that he messaged me as chaz_bill. Then again as shuffle_it_420. Then again as matty_w12. Then days later as williamretner. Then weeks later as wslave83. Then days later as boyobidient. Then weeks later as matthd32. Then again as tadzatccmorgans22n_richard58martin.alex59zanderstancedave.auditmike178, jonreener
  • vermontpunk (Nick Andrews) – said he wanted to pay me $25 through Paypal after seeing my pics but went silent when it came pay time – claims he seen my pics through Mastersjustice but wouldn’t tell me his name on there and also has a shit fetish
  • i_vanko – wanted me to drain him using teamviewer, after we agreed on an amount he closed out because he said it was too predictable – 30 y/o from California, claims to have PayPal and Amazon and claims to have paid a guy $1,000 one time
  • patachon75 – claims to have unlimited funds but never tributes – he is the same guy as xtomin759 on yahoo and goes by lessthanshit on dominants.co
  • juan23los@hotmail.es (juan) – claims to be ready to pay and has an Amazon account but when it came time to send a gift card he said he didn’t want to because it seemed illegal to him – says he seen me on Mastersjustice but claims to not have a profile on there (obviously a liar because he doesn’t want his Mastersjustice profile name on here since he knew he wasn’t going to pay) and says he wants to pay more when he is laughed at
  • soooloser  – claims to be an ATM and ready to be drained via Amazon but signs out when it comes pay time – only claimed to have $15 which is a waste to me but I told him to send it anyways because I knew he was a fake and of course he didn’t send it
  • r.rick72 – claims to be willing to do “anything” (just like a typical time waster) and has both Paypal and Amazon but disappears when it comes time to pay – he wouldn’t give me info about himself like what sites he’s on which tipped me off that he reads this page and knows the drill
  • dano.rick – after talking to him for 3 days he told me he has Amazon but he never sends because either his roommate just so happened to walk in or he isn’t sure why he should do this – I have a strange feeling he is either r.rick72 or alexharder based on the way he talks to me. Every time he messaged me he was indecisive about why he should pay me and said he thought I was a robot hired by a porn company to take people’s money and run away. Clearly this guy is the biggest time waster around or he is the dumbest fuck ever born
  • slave_4u33 (Alipin mo Ako) – wanted to pay and refused to make an Amazon account to pay me – wanted to see me on cam before paying which I quickly verified myself on camera, then wanted to see my feet which I demanded he pay before we get into all that. As usual, the slave went silent when it came time to pay and wouldn’t give me anymore information
  • gladstone.charles (Charles Gladstone) – wanted to pay me since he says he’s a faggot and must pay so I told him to buy from my Amazon list – claimed to be only able to tribute $50 worth of gifts but never responded when it came time to pay, last message from him was that he was typing in his credit card information. He also claimed to have bought many others supplements in the past from Amazon
  • oso79de – went on cam for this slave after he said he had PayPal and was logged into his account. he then disappeared without a response – told me he’s a pathetic loser with a weakness for spit, feet, farts, and unusually long tongues. Pic:

  • wimpqueer (dave smith) – messaged me on multiple occasions and wanted to tribute via Amazon but then signed out. Told me initially he used to have PayPal then 2 months later tried telling me that he’s new to the scene and never used PayPal before but I called him out on his lies with copies of our chat logs so he just signed out as he did the prior time we spoke right before a tribute – claimed he didn’t know if i was real so I verified myself on cam and he still wasted my time. Says he’s into leather and lives in the UK. Claims to have an Amazon business account which he says makes him unable to send gift cards (probably says that so he can cancel gifts). He goes by the name nodickfaggot on MastersJustice. I’m uncertain of this connection but he follows the same pattern as the first waste of time on this list, tom.foster. So they could be the same loser
  • wannabcontrolled (Wayne Control)  – messaged me on Yahoo and wanted to pay via PayPal but disappeared when it came time to pay – told me he was a faggot who wants to be controlled (*rolls eyes*)
  • soloserr – added me on Yahoo and said he could pay via Amazon but signed out when it was time to pay – said he’s an ATM and would do anything for me as I let him watch me cash rape another slave. He said asked how much I wanted and I said $100 on a gift card, to which he said he could only do $20. I agreed to the weak amount of $20 and he still signed out. Amazing.
  • athene28@yahoo.de – quit messaging me after he agreed to pay $50 via PayPal – claims to be a foot / cash slave and has supposedly served some guy for 4 years and is into blackmail. His name is Andreas and he’s from Germany. Then messaged me days later as recharmed (Andreas O) on Yahoo
  • spit.fagg – messaged me on Yahoo when I was invisible and was surprised I responded back, then claimed he sent me $50 on PayPal but it never showed up. Obviously he’s blowing smoke out his ass – don’t know too much additional information about this loser
  • max_ibiza (Max Ibiza) – wanted to pay my gym membership of $40 and paid it but then told PayPal that he had no knowledge of that transaction an hour later – wants you to hack his computer and ruin it but he’s clearly just full of shit. Below is the disputed PayPal transaction which includes his real name and some more information about him:

  • txsky_85 – agreed to pay $25 on an Amazon gift card which took forever because he claims he has an old computer. After it took 15 minutes for him to send it, it never arrived. So, he said he’ll send another one and again that one didn’t arrive – claims he can’t use PayPal because a slave sent him money (8-|) and disputed the charge. He went through a myriad of questions with me but got danced around answers when I asked him simple questions such as who did he pay last.
  • shawncashwimp (Shawn) – after the slave introduced himself to me on dominants.co under the name shawncashwimp, he messaged me on Yahoo and I took the time to get to know the slave. He told me he’s really into teamviewer. So, I asked for his teamviewer digits so we could have a few rounds of tributes. Once in his computer, he failed to log into PayPal by filling in the email field with only the word “Shawn”. At that moment, I knew this was a fake then I watched as his mouse clicked log off on his computer. – As I said earlier, this slave, if u can call him one, goes by the name shawncashwimp on dominants.co. I’ve learned that roughly 98% of the slaves out there with cash or ATM in their names are always fake and just use that as a tactic to get attention.
  • midwestmutt(J S) – slave wanted me to drain him via Teamviewer which I obliged but after giving me his Teamviewer information, he refused to open Teamviewer. Finally, when he did he gave me the wrong password then disappeared. – He goes by Mutt on dominants.co. When I first engaged him, I asked him if he ever had experience as a cash slave, he told me no. Then later said he has paid men before. So either he’s a compulsive liar or he’s plain stupid. Below are his pictures he posted on dominants.co as well as just a glimpse of our chat where he makes excuse after excuse and I call him out on it:

  • bisexual4same – messaged me originally on dominants.co under the name cuckold then told him to hit me up on Yahoo which he did and wanted to pay. So, I stunned him with my arms on camera to make him weaker then he says he’s setting up PayPal to which he went silent seconds later and never responded – claims to be new to the scene but I don’t believe him
  • aeboswell1979 – added me on Skype under the name aeboswell1979 and wanted to see me laughing at him as I took money from his PayPal with Teamviewer. So I went on cam for him as I said I’d take $50 from him. As I was typing in the amount, he kept clicking away asking how much I was taking and other time wasting questions and then closed out of Teamviewer because he alleged it was “boring”. His Teamviewer ID is 475728803. – He also alleges he’s never used Amazon before and on Skype his name is also Andrew Boswell

  1. GermanCashMaster on dominants.co says:

    this list is a great help to avoid time waisters ….

  2. cashgod13 says:

    check it often because I update it immediately after each time wasting incident

    • fuck says:

      im so happy that there also are list for fake masters…

      • cashgod13 says:

        yeah, i’m sure there are fake masters out there (myself obviously not being one if you talk to any real slaves). however, this only deals with fake slaves since i am a master and i only deal with slaves, i don’t deal with other masters. if you have a grievance with a fake master, take it up somewhere else, this is NOT a customer service center for financial domination complaints.

  3. fuck says:

    “this is NOT a customer service center for financial domination complaints.”
    i understands that, but then why complaining about all slaves here, You dont deal with Masters, You think all slaves are fakes because they dont getting completly ruined for You, so why make the list here, it seems that You dont want anybody to read it anyway…
    why dont You just get the access to theires bankaccounts, make a big loan in theires name and then leave them and You dont have to be disturbed by any of them, they will be completly ruiuned and You will be a millionare, and You dont need to make a list because they will be die in streets anyway…

    • cashgod13 says:

      “You think all slaves are fakes because they dont getting completly ruined for You”

      That couldn’t be more further from the truth. Some slaves like to get ruined, others just like to tribute small amounts. I accept all tributes. However, I have a grievance with those who say they’re going to tribute and give absolutely nothing. So there needs to be some type of punishment for that behavior. Hence, the reason I post their names on here. I don’t ask slaves to get completely ruined for me, that would be poor long term financial planning. 99% of the time, I don’t contact slaves, they contact me. If they contact me, there needs to be a point behind it, such as wanting to give a tribute. I don’t care if a slave is honest with me as its master and says it cannot tribute, that is perfectly fine with me. I do care when a supposed slave says I’m the best thing on the planet and wants to tribute me whatever amount then disappears when it comes time to pay. Learn something about me before you comment on how you assume I handle slaves.

  4. amean says:

    oh yes, all slaves are bad, all cashmasters are so good, yes sure

  5. Great list, brother; thanks. I’ll be keeping My eye out for these #cashlessfags. If I come across any of them I’ll be sure to either screw them over or ignore.

    I’ll be compiling My own list as well – I sure have quite a few names to start out with.

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