Don’t expect this page to update quickly. Some of these goals will take time to accomplish and updates for them will appear accordingly (typically after each week).



  •   shoe lover
  •  slave brad, alpha slave, foot fag, texas slave, slave joe, fag chris, diaper slave, pp slave, ogre slave, hunter fag, fart sniffer, anonymous, gay slave, nyatm, shoelover, leather slave, slave lopez, toilet seat slave, uk popper slave, fag mike, aussie slave, spit slave
  •  inferior claudio, ass sniffer, fag chris, fag mutt, slave kj
  • inferior claudio, slave luis, slave brendan, pro loser, slave rico, fag matt, destructive slave
  1. rick says:

    i’m so proud to be one of these contributors GOD!
    your schiavo di merda

  2. Toby says:

    You rock man…giving purpose and getting the cash yu want… nice job!

  3. Toby says:

    This is THE hottest bday demand list i have ever seen..truly this DOM deserves ALL!!!!!

  4. shadowfag says:

    wow awesome sir and u keep getting greater everytime – shadowfag

  5. sam says:

    whats july goal?

  6. lee says:

    i am am omferior fag to serve real men ,,, please Sir

  7. faggot slave queerboy says:

    The Cash God is the One and Only True God for all powerless faggots. We will continue our prayer, worship and tribute for The Cash God is the Ultimate Straight Man.

  8. Cashgod is super cool. Dominating comes so natural from him. He takes over control in seconds. Makes me proud to $erve this Alpha stud Master.

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