This is where I will place the names of all my top paying slaves each day. At the end of the day, I’ll total all my tributes and whoever paid the most that day gets his slave name on the leaderboard as being the most loyal slave for that date. The monthly top tributor gets a free 20 min cam session. The numbers below correspond to who won that day and are NOT current rankings!

Winner: He Who Will Not Be Named – $500


  1.  leather boy
  2.  ass fan
  3.  georgia slave
  4.  cash drone
  5.  anonymous foot fag
  6.  freemason
  7.  ball beating slave
  8.  slave that doesn’t exist
  9.  negro slave
  10.  ball beating slave
  11.  ass fan
  12.  cash drone
  13.  vegas fag
  14.  popper slave
  15.  fat fuck
  16.  aussie faggot
  17.  cash fag chris
  18.  johnny cash
  19.  fag joey
  20.  slave that doesn’t exist
  21.  shit slave
  22.  he who will not be named
  23.  ass fan
  24.  slave justin
  25.  freemason
  26.  foot faggot
  27.  georgia slave
  28.  mutt
  29.  nameless faggot
  30.  cash pig
  31.  negro slave
  1. Matthew says:

    I love it sir…..make all of your fags compete for sir’s attention.

  2. mnt151 says:

    Coolest idea. Hottest execution. Putting the slave into a sports jock graphic environment is f’in genius.

  3. Chris says:

    You de$erve it $ir

  4. puppy boy says:

    Congratulations on Your 1k dollar cash rape Sir!

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