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Amazon Allowance

Posted: February 6, 2016 in Uncategorized
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My post on here was supposed to be about the progress of my slave mentioned in the “Dangerous Game” post but the slave from that post and my other cash dom friend haven’t been able to find a time which works for both of them for me to drain that slave with my buddy. So it’s still a work in progress.

However, I have been meaning to post about a feature from Amazon which I’ve never mentioned and haven’t seen any cash masters use. While updating my Amazon wishlist, I saw an ad on Amazon for something called an Amazon allowance. After reading through how it works, I decided this would be a great way for slaves to pay tribute to me and to fund my shopping on Amazon. The way it works is that any slave who already has an Amazon account can enroll in the program. From there, you simply input a title for whatever this allowance is supposed to represent (e.g. Cashgod’s Shoe Fund), then the recipient – my email at, a from name which doesn’t have to be your real name but instead a nickname, the amount, the frequency of this payment, and the starting date. It’s that simple.

For example, if you are a shoe slave of mine and want me to have a new pair of shoes each month, why wait for me to pick out shoes when you can simply set up automated gift cards to be deposited into my Amazon account. You could create a Cashgod Shoe Fund and set up automatic deposits of $150 / month to my Amazon account and I can go shopping at my leisure. Another example could be that a slave can take on the responsibility of being my UnderArmour funding slave and create an UnderArmour allowance sending me an amount each month to buy gym gear. A slave could even take on the duties of a supplement slave. The possibilities are endless.

Enroll now into the free Amazon allowance program and begin sending me automated gift cards for my shopping wants. If you’re lucky, I may even take pictures with the gifts I purchase and post them here.

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The other day on Skype, one slave asked me how many pairs of UnderArmour workout shirts I had in my possession. Honestly, I have no idea because I have so many. From a quick estimate via Amazon I’d guess over 130 but I’ll get an official number in a future blog post. The question as to how many workout shirts I had inspired me to see how many pairs of underwear I have from my Amazon wishlist.


Upon inspection, I found that I have 67 pairs which I wear on a regular basis, 2 jockstraps, and a handful of other pairs of underwear which I haven’t worn in a while because they’re boring to me. That means if I wear 1 pair per day, I probably won’t wear the same pair again for another 2 months.


So what is a cash master like myself supposed to do with a constant inflow of new underwear but a fixed amount of room in my dresser? The answer is simple: start selling some pairs of underwear back to fag slaves! I’ve already sold 2 pairs of underwear to 2 different slaves via the website On there, slaves can bid on or buy my underwear with the highest bidder winning my underwear. That slave can then send me a message via FlirtBids on how he wants the underwear customized (i.e. how many days he wants my scent to be on them for, how he wants it packaged, etc). Then I mail them and they arrive to the fag slave’s doorstep.

Here are a pair of peach colored Calvin Klein briefs along with a pair of black socks which I sold as a bundle package:


And here is the lucky cash fag showing me via Skype that he received my package (his face is hidden to protect his privacy):



Which pair of my underwear do you want to see me post for sale next?

SIDE NOTE: My birthday is June 23rd! Start bringing your tributes to me now, I enjoy early birthday tributes.

The other night while frequenting the various webcam chat rooms in order to promote my own website, a slave messaged me on Skype begging to be drained. So I began a cam session with this slave on Skype while also webcamming in those other chat rooms. Once I seen this pathetic slave on cam, I remembered who he was from our previous chats. This particular slave loves to put nipple clamps on himself and beat his balls and dick with a blue rubber mallet as I drain him via TeamViewer. To add another layer to his degradation, I didn’t allow him in the group chat room where everyone could see me. He had to watch me by himself and wasn’t allowed to get drained in front of the group. I did this because like a sick animal, this slave was to be confined to his own quarters on the internet away from everyone else. Then the fun part began with him.

To weaken all of my slaves, I like to focus on various components that break their will and force them to tribute more. Some slaves are weakest when confronted with blackmail, others are weakest when exposed to feet, and some drop to their knees through verbal abuse. It’s when a dominant alpha like myself masters all of these triggers to an expert level that he can be highly dangerous. After some rounds of tributes which included cash and some UnderArmour socks from my Amazon wishlist,this particular slave gave me his TeamViewer information. I then proceeded to drain him of $100 in one take as he beat his balls with a rubber mallet. I laughed at his cries of pain from the financial hit he took and the hit he took from that mallet. In my enjoyment, I went back again and took another $100 tribute and he smashed his balls. He told me at the end of the session that this was the most he ever tributed a master. This is because when an alpha can master the art of enslaving others, he can ruin a slave.

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A new slave of mine, one who is purely motivated in pleasing me financially, did a small early birthday tribute to me via my Amazon wishlist. He purchased for me some new green Nike sneakers that were listed at the highest priority on my wishlist. In addition, he tributed me several Hurley tank tops which should be arriving any day now. I expect many more tributes from him soon. Pictured below are the sneakers which he tributed to me. With my quick thinking, I decided to use his tribute to my financial advantage. In my portfolio on, I’m now selling 6 exclusive pictures of myself wearing those newly purchased sneakers. So click the picture below to check out all 6 pictures as well as my other items available for purchase.



The slave who purchased those items for me as well as a few other slaves have told me that they would be more interested in buying me higher end items rather than the moderately priced items on my Amazon wishlist. So, since there is a demand for it, I have a second wishlist for my slaves with more disposable income. My higher end Nordstrom’s wishlist can be found here. It works just the same as an Amazon wishlist, only that I can add 150 items at a time. So start clearing it to allow me to add more.

Lately I’ve been having slaves contact me from all parts of the vast internet. However all of them never seem to use the same method of contact with me. I have slaves contacting me via email, Youtube, Skype, Yahoo, and a multitude of other websites. So to lessen the confusion for those slaves attempting to contact me, who strangely enough don’t use either Yahoo or Skype, I added a contact form to the contact tab on the above menu. This will allow all of messages  typed in the form to be sent directly to my email so that I receive them promptly. I still encourage all slaves to contact me via Yahoo or Skype if possible. Plus this form will allow slaves to notify me of any offline tributes which they sent to me. Don’t forget, only 16 more days until Christmas, so get those tributes into ME: Amazon Wishlist


Last week I forced a newer slave of mine, flip-off slave, to go on an online Under Armour shopping spree from my Amazon wishlist. I wanted to be dressed in new gear for when I go to the gym and my slave came through with following orders. He purchased 3 shirts and 2 pairs of shorts, all of which were in styles and colors not already found in my extensive Under Armour wardrobe. Displayed below are the gifts tributed to me just for representing greatness in mind and body.

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Only 2 left in stock–order soon. Only 1 left in stock–order soon. Currently unavailable. Item no longer available. Sounds familiar, right? If you are totally clueless as to what I’m talking about, I’m referencing my Amazon wishlist. Since I have such selective tastes at times, many of the items I want on my Amazon wishlist are in selective quantities. Too many slaves (the ones who are unable to send PayPal, Greendots, or Western Union) miss out on those opportunities to buy those exclusive items and tribute them to me when they only use Amazon as a source of tribute. It is a slave’s duty to study my Amazon wishlist constantly and make informed purchases to achieve maximum potential. I was amazed recently at how many slaves were not aware that any item / purchase total of items sold by are eligible for free shipping once the order total is over $25. For example, why would a slave tribute me an item for $18 and pay maybe $9 shipping or more totaling $27, when he could either get a more expensive item for about $25 and get free shipping, thus paying less, or tribute to me the $18 item plus another item to get the order over $25 and get free shipping. These little actions result in the slave giving more of a tribute from his money. Keep this information in mind when you tribute me. However, if Amazon wishlist shopping scares you then consider the already existing methods of tribute: PayPal, Western Union, Amazon gift card sent to my email, Greendot, etc. In summary, capitalizing on the free shipping could prove very beneficial to your service to me and shows me that you are a smart thinking slave (obviously you’re smart if you’re serving me!).