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In my many years of draining slaves, I have encountered slaves of all types of income levels as well as experience levels. I always engage each of my slaves and inquire as to their ability to tribute in relation to their income level. Many times I will create a budget for my slaves to follow so that they can tribute while still managing their lives. It’s paramount to me to ensure each of my slaves are successful in life. When I own a successful slave, he is able to tribute and serve long term while is the ultimate goal. However, I will get some who message me that are fake slaves.

One instance was last night from a slave who messaged me on Skype claiming to have found my Skype ID from After some initial introductions, he stated that his fetish is to see his master’s armpits. He seemed to be wasting my time after his hesitation to tribute but he eventually sent $50. Roughly two minutes into the cam session of me showing off and making him worship my armpits on cam, he closed his cam and blocked me on Skype. This prompted me to begin researching who he is on to which I discovered his pattern is to lie to masters and never tribute according to the comments on his Dominants profile. However, since my original blog post about him, he has tributed over $500 to clear his name with me and to prove himself of not being worthy of me.

In drastic contrast to this fag, I have an immense number of loyal slaves who truly understand what it means to submit to an alpha like me. Not too long ago, I decided to accept cash tributes directly in the mail as one form of tribute but only for certain slaves which I trust. One lucky cash fag whom I’ll call slave dick (he was previously mentioned here, has been allowed to utilize this option to tribute me. He pays his fag tax which is a percentage of his paycheck and mails it directly to me. To showcase his tributes, I decided to make a video documenting the cash I get from him and my other fag slaves. In the first part of this video, I count out a significant portion of the cash he has sent me. In the final part of the video, I count more fag cash which comprises a portion of my savings account. That pile of cash consists of all $100 bills totaling $5000. Slaves can’t stop just handing over their hard earned cash to me. Now it’s your turn hand over some cash and download this video here: