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In some of my less serious cash drain sessions (ones that aren’t major rapes or involve extreme tactics), I like to get deep into the minds of my slaves to a degree that borders on hypnosis. Many times, the things I say to slaves during sessions will have significantly influential effects on their mindset and thought process whether it’s phrases I use or repeated words. I’ve encountered many slaves who had verbal triggers that made them even more submissive or even more mindless under my control. One particular slave of mine that is weakened by my verbal cues is slave B.

Slave B has been serving me for a fairly long time by providing me with Amazon gift card codes as his tribute. Sometimes if he doesn’t have a card, he’ll beg for a session knowing that he’ll owe me more for it the next day to which I oblige sometimes. Over time in our sessions, I’ve developed phrases with him that trigger his mental state to become more malleable. I will even make him repeat these phrases over and over again in our sessions so that they stick in his mind more. During our session, I will remind him that “I am everything and you are nothing” to which I’ll make him repeat that back to me from his point of view – “you are everything and I am nothing” he’ll repeat to me. Depending on my mood that day, I might make him keep saying it over and over for 30 seconds up to 2 minutes straight. I’ll then interrupt and let him know when he can stop repeating the phrase.

I’ve also come to the conclusion with slave B that he is good for four things: being my slave, doing what I tell him, working to earn income, and being my wallet. Those are the four essentials to his life. I like to think of those as commandments of sorts or tenants to live by for all submissives that I own. Submissives that I own should strive to be good at being my slave above all things. Being a slave is something which submissives are born to do and if they aren’t good at what they were born to do, what use are they? Next, they should be good at doing what I tell them. This falls under the umbrella of taking orders. To be good at being a slave, one should also be good at taking and following commands. These two tenants tie together. Third is to be good at working to earn income. A slave should not only take orders from me and produce results but also from the boss at his profession. I want to see all of my slaves succeed and achieve their maximum potential and this is something they should want as well. Lastly is where it all ties together, a slave should be good at being my wallet. All four of these proclamations tie together. If a submissive falters in one area, he falters in them all. If I demand a tribute and a slave cannot tribute he has (1) shown he’s not a good wallet, (2) shows he cannot do what I tell him, (3) isn’t a good slave, and (4) must not be good at earning income if he cannot tribute. Thus to ultimately be a true submissive, one must abide by the four proclamations which I have set forth. In my sessions with slave B, I’ll ask him each time, “what are the four things that you’re good for?” And he will say each one. I like to do this as a constant reminder so that he never forgets and now is your turn to constantly remember these four essentials to being a true submissive.

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